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Darron Bluu Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 159
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.68/5

In his own words:

"What I love so much about what I do is that I get to meet some really great people and make awesome connections."

Our comments:

"Darron's sunny disposition always make for good fun on set and when we're out and about."

  • Darron And Bruce Get Paid For Hot Sex

    Discover what really goes down behind the scenes of hardcore gay porn with Darron Bluu and Bruce Garcia. From rim jobs to hard cash, peek inside the lives and loves of two hot performers. Find out why getting ass fucked hard can shake your entire body.

  • Brutal Dom Bruce Destroys Darron's Ass

    Rough and rowdy, see hot top take control during sexual encounter. Fierce fucking, Bruce Garcia pounds Darron Bluu's ass raw. Big buff guy man handles bottom into submission. See two hot guys get naked, give wild blowjobs, and have hardcore bareback sex.

  • Darron And Bruce Plan Anal Sex

    Director rings the Sex Bell and summons two hot studs into the studio for a steamy encounter. Watch as an experienced top meets one tight round butt. The boys discuss rimming Darron bluu's pink asshole while Bruce Garcia slobbers over sexual temptations.

  • Eddie And Darron After Sex Interview

    Hardcore and heartfelt, discover the emotional side of making gay porn. Eager to please, go inside the minds of two passionate performers Darron Bluu and Eddie Church. Rimming revelations, one boy shares with us on why he loves anal stimulation so much.

  • Darron Pounds Eddie With Big Cock

    Hefty oral appetite leads to intense bareback action. Massive cock stretches young guy's tight ass to the limit. See hairy hole get filled to the brim by big dick. Watch Darron Bluu devour the little butthole of adorable young guy named Eddie Church.

  • Darron And Eddie Plan Upcoming Raw Sex

    Big dicks and bare butts, go inside the world of male porn performers. Explore new depths with two hot guys. Shockingly Darron Bluu's big dick meets Eddie Church's wet mouth during this erotic interview. Get an inside glimpse at naughty nude scene plans.

  • Creamed Samual And Darron Discuss Sex

    Uncover the raunchy science behind bareback anal sex and cum facials. Get a behind the scenes look at two hot male performers Samual Hayes and Darron Bluu. From zero to hero, sexy boys discover the financial and emotional rewards of adult film stardom.

  • Darron Gets Filled Deep By Sexy Samual

    During this X-rated scenario two horny young studs indulge in a wild oral playtime. Thick and hard! Enjoy erotic action featuring Darron Bluu getting his tight ass fucked by Samual Hayes' huge cock. Get ready for intense bareback sex between two hot guys

  • Horny Samual And Darron Chat Before Sex

    From nervous beginners to raunchy experts, follow their journey! Watch Darron Bluu and Samual Hayes prepare to enter uncharted oral and anal territory. Enjoy this raw and real nude interview where experienced model shares advice. Uncover the naked truth.

  • Ian Is Happy He Topped

    See Ian and Darron's intense post-coital interview, witness raw honesty and unbridled passion! From top to bottom, these flip fucking boys open up about their latest sexual encounter. Get inside the sexual escapades of two broke straight boys.

  • Darron Takes Ian’s Load

    Darron is back and ready to get his ass filled with Ian's sweet cream. The sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts! Checkout the ultimate flip fuck, see these two hot guys in heat! Get ready for a wild ride.

  • Ian Wants To Top

    Unleashing the power of two dicks, get inside the mind of Ian and Darron. Start peeling back the curtain on gay for pay culture. Learn why this raunchy duo is desperate and up for anything. See these two guys before their flip fuck.

  • Ian Gets Fucked And Still Hard

    Ian, Darron, and JJ spill all about their insane threesome experience, you won't believe what they have to say! Getting paid to have hot sex? These guys did it, and now they're revealing all the juicy details.

  • First Time Broke Hot Jock Threesome

    Experience ass pounding action during Ian's first threesome. Horny JJ and Darron double team a spit roast during this ultimate male fantasy. Raw unbridled desire results in a wild ride of fucking and sucking. This bottoms gets both his holes filled.

  • Surprise  3 Way Planned

    Three dudes, one butt! JJ, Darron, and Ian: Uncover the naked truth behind their upcoming three-way gay sex scene. Hear it first, start getting real about the pleasures and pitfalls of participating in group sex. Its sure to be a wild ride.

  • Flipping Pays More Money

    Catch this exclusive interview where Darron and Archie spill all the details. Uncover the truth behind their first flip fuck together. Explore pornographic passions and personal evolution during this inside scoop of life in the adult industry.

  • Barebacking Breeders

    Get ready for an explosive porn scene as Archie and Darron take things to the next level by breeding each other to earn extra money! See how Darron takes charge and mounts Archie from behind, thrusting his dick deep into Archie's tight butt cheeks.

  • Stepping Up Their Game

    Explore the mindset of two studs about to bareback on-camera! Find out, what does it mean to be a breeder? Exploring sexuality through work - An interview with two gay-for-pay performers. Break down barriers in this candid discussion before the action.

  • Jj Earns Extra Money

    Eye full of cum and a wallet full of cash! See how this messy climax ends. Experience the after orgasm glow of these two boys while they answer questions about their performance fully nude. Find out who's cum shots have dangerous precision.

  • Jj Gets Cum For The First Time

    JJ is a soon-to-be father who needs cash fast! Darron is ready to fill a hole and make a payday. Enjoy the connection between these two guys as they commit to exploring forbidden desires. Witness their primal anal sex captured on camera.

  • Jj Bottoms & Breeds

    Experienced Darron gets ready to top new bottom JJ in this question filled interview. More raunch more pay. Hot dry summer has left these boys broke and desperate. Find out what they will do to make extra cash.

  • Amone And Darron After The Scene

    Amone loves getting deepthroated. And Darron is the best deepthroater around. This match was the ultimate duo and each of them got to enjoy their favorite parts of each other.

  • Getting His Ass Stuffed

    The first time Amone gets to be deepthroated by Darron is also the first day Darron takes Amone's raw cock. The boys get to explore their own pleasures through each other's bodies. Watch perfect-bodies Amone stuff gorgeous Darron full.

  • Amone And Darron Before The Scene

    Everyone tell Amone he's a stud. And Darron is a total hunk. Their self-esteem will thank any member leaving a comment for these humble-and-casual straight boys.

  • Darron And Nico After The Scene

    Earning their check, Darron and Nico showed how to deep-throat better than the next, and how to give Darron a cum shower to remember.

  • Two Titans Fuck Raw

    Nico and Darron are two of the sexiest guys, dominating the bedroom and each other as they determine who gets to feel full of huge cock. Nico is the winner as he turns Darron over, eats his ass, and fucks him like a straight boy.

  • Darron And Nico Before The Scene

    For Darron's one year anniversary on Broke Straight Boys the boys are going to fuck hard. Specifically, Nico is going to give the anniversary boy his huge cock. But first, the boys share their bodies and their hopes to be recognized on the street.

  • Ricky And Darron After The Scene

    Ricky can't even find his voice after the way Darron fucked him in the ass. For his first time getting filled like that, he doesn't know what to say and will have to take some time to decide if he enjoyed it or would rather top from here on out.

  • Ricky Gets Fucked For The 1st Time

    Ricky Bobby couldn't have a better first-time fuck coach than Darron Blue. He's gentle yet firm and is willing to fuck as long as it takes to initiate the impressionable newbie. His moans between breaths say it all as he lets Darron do whatever he wants.

  • Ricky And Darron Before The Scene

    His first time at the studio, Ricky Bobby is slightly nervous, but ready to see what he can do with Darron's cock inside him. The boys are determined to kiss, suck and fuck like the pros. The payout is guaranteed to match that same enthusiasm.

  • Darron Ricky Nico After The Scene

    Naughty, naughty elves had a great time being dirty. A little vacation away from the hard work of the North Pole, Nico, Darron and Ricky are ready to get back to the grind.

  • 2022 Christmas Special 3 Way

    Dirty elves make Christmas time way more fun. The three know how to celebrate the holiday season and the spirit of giving by taking turns fucking and getting fucked.

  • Darron Ricky Nico Before The Scene

    Ricky, Darron and Nico are in the spirit of giving, particularly Top Elf Ricky, as he is going to give his North Pole to Darron and Nico. These naughty elves will be risking coal in their stockings with their dirty deeds.

  • Leo Chris Darron After The Scene

    Three sweaty, sexy and naked boys lay on the bed awaiting a well-earned dinner. The menage a trois was perhaps one of the sexiest things to come out of the studio since, well, the last one!

  • Hot Raw Threesome With Hot Boys

    A devilish threesome of three sex-crazed fuck boys. Leo is a dedicated toy for Chris and Darron's pleasure as he takes cock from all sides. The three will make you harder than ever before as they fuck their way to some well-earned cash raw.

  • Leo Chris Darron Before The Scene

    Already getting his partners hard for the next scene, Leo rubs down his co-stars as they debate which orgasms are best. Without any discussion, however, the three are ready to take their roles as bottom, versatile, and top for the threesome.

  • Darron And Chris After The Scene

    A big thank you to the member who requested such a sexy duo and naughty scene. While Chris's asshole was stretched wide, he did a fantastic job taking Darron's cock. And Darron did a great job eating his hot cream pie.

  • Darron And Chris Flip Flop Raw

    Thanks to member request, Darron and Chris get the opportunity to switch it up and fuck each other today. The two of them swap spit, cum, and cock. Members won't want to miss the two fuckboys. Be careful what you wish for - it may be too hot to handle.

  • Darron And Chris Before The Scene

    A special treat for one of Broke Straight Boys' members, veteran models Chris and Darron are in the studio together for the very first time. They tease us about the upcoming scene and educate on the paydays of models in the porn industry.

  • Darron And Leo After The Scene

    Leo King's first scene was not exactly what he thought it would be. He still did a great job taking some big dick and getting comfortable with fucking guys for a healthy payday.

  • Leo First Time Bottoming

    It's hard for a straight guy to bottom - especially when he has to take Darron's huge dick. This member-turned-model is ready to take the challenge and run with it.

  • Darron And Leo Before The Scene

    Darron has done a great job orienting the new kids on the block. It's no different for Leo King who sucks his very first dick in this Behind the Scenes.

  • Darron And Kade After The Scene

    What does Darron rate Kade's first fuck? Let's just say he took it up the ass and he liked it a lot.

  • Straight Kade's First Time Topping

    A good time's fuck makes Darron's cock hard when he takes it from Kade. But it's Kade who really surprises members with his huge cock and reluctant fuck.

  • Darron And Kade Before The Scene

    Making his debut in the gay porn industry is Kade, soft-spoken and definitely straight. He meets Darron and sees the ass he gets to pound for the first time.

  • Hot Sexy Threesome After The Scene

    A whopping pay day was well-earned for the three bare-chested teens.

  • Hot Sexy Threesome

    Three for the price of one, this lineup of sexy straight boys will make your knees buckle and your cock hard.

  • Hot Sexy Threesome Before The Scene

    What is fair market rate for three guys - a top, a versatile, a bottom - to show a good time?

  • Liam And Darron After The Scene

    They earned their paychecks for sure, whether as a filled-up bottom or power-hammering top.

  • Deep As Fuck Bros

    Small town boys go deep as they explore what it means to fuck and suck to make some extra money in this crazy economy.

  • Liam And Darron Before The Scene

    Adorable. Cute. Hot. Liam and Darron are promised a pretty penny if they show up for the upcoming scene.

  • Connor And Darron After The Scene

    Both amazing at deep-throat cock-sucking, it's hard to tell who did it better!

  • When Connor Fucks Darron

    Darron's rare adventure bottoming brings out the wild side in Connor.

  • Connor And Darron Before The Scene

    Back and paired up by popular demand, Darron and Connor show off their stuff.

  • Darron And Brian After The Scene

    Brian shares his exact reactions to getting rimmed for the first time.

  • First Time Getting Rimmed

    The hazing period hasn't ended yet for Brian Star. This time he gets to enjoy a rimming. The question is... does he give or receive?

  • Darron And Brian Before The Scene

    "Do you know what rimming is?" Watch this interview with adorable Brian and confident Darron to learn alongside Brian Star!

  • Darron And Ashton After The Scene

    All covered and totally naked, Darron and Ashton share their satisfaction with the flip flop fuck.

  • Flip Flop Jock Boys

    Switching it up, literally, as Ashton and Darron return for another sexy romp. Raw and ready, the boys suck, rim, give and take it all in this hot flip scene.

  • Darron And Ashton Before The Scene

    Welcome back Ashton and Darron for a new years bang, and see what they are willing to do for a big check and why.

  • Justin And Darron After The Scene

    Covered in cum and glistening with pleasure, Darron and Justin discuss who won the country boy showdown.

  • Country Boy Fucks Country Boy

    Darron and Justin are just two innocent farm boys from the Midwest, but what their hometowns don't know is what they are willing to do for some cash. One cowboy cums twice and is a clear winner in this showdown!

  • Justin And Darron Before The Scene

    See Justin, a Dodge-driving country boy, and Darron, a small-town cowboy as they anticipate their sexual showdown. Texas verses Nebraska: who will cum out on top?!

  • Lucas And Darron After The Scene

    Lucas was glad to be the top. Darron was glad he came after waiting a week. We talk to the guys after a hot, interesting scene.

  • Lucas Fucks Darron Hard

    Lucas and Darron waste no time pouncing on each other. After some oral action, Darron lets Lucas have his way with him.

  • Lucas And Darron Before The Scene

    Darron has been working on his car and living a boring life as he calls it. Lucas shows off his tattoo. The guys talk to us before they start having some real fun.

  • Izzy And Darron After The Scene

    Darron took it well, Izzy tasted Darron’s cum, and now the room smells like sweat and sex. The guys catch up with us to talk about their hot scene.

  • Izzy Fucks Darron & Sucks On Toes

    Darron usually tops, but Izzy is ready to get in his ass. The boys turn each other on with some oral action, before Izzy makes Darron’s ass his.

  • Izzy And Darron Before The Scene

    When two tops get together, who will give up their ass? Izzy tells us that he actually enjoys bottoming, but it looks like it’s Darron’s turn to take it deep.

  • Sterling Fucks Darron Raw

    Darron usually tops, and today we push him to the limits when he takes Sterling’s large cock.

  • Darron And Elliot After The Scene

    After Elliot gets fucked hard, the boys talk to us about food, trucks, and…road head? Plus Elliot comments on Darron’s dominant side.

  • Taking Cowboys Big Dick

    Darron loves getting ass. Elliot loves giving it to straight guys. The boys have some wild fun as Elliot lets Darron show off his dominant side.

  • Darron And Elliot Before The Scene

    Darron and Elliot sit down with us and talk about what’s exotic to them, how many times they can cum, and a sneak peek of some cock.

  • Getting To Know Darron Bluu

    Darron Bluu is a hot blonde who is new to porn, but has a lot to show us. He tells us about his conservative upbringing, his sexual experiences, and how he found out about the porn industry.

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  • Jakzibs on 01/31/2024

    100% in my favorites list now. This guy is amazing

    • charliereade on 12/17/2022

      I would like to see a great deal more of Darron.

      • GayPornLover on 06/12/2022

        Darren made me so horny I signed up and it was the best thing I did. I am concentrating on his videos and then moving on to many others. 🥵

        • briefs33 on 05/31/2022

          so good!! keep having him wear briefs.. so darn sexy in them!!

          • Gr57wf425tr on 03/16/2022

            Darron is a hottie and most definitely someone who you want to keep around. Don't suppose you have any solos of him. I would love to see him stroking that big piece of meat.

            • anonymous on 01/20/2022

              He's so hot. Sexy stud of a top. Alluring supple bottom. Fuck.

              • harlanny on 11/06/2021

                Beautiful, magnificent equipment, great lean physique, anxious to see him blossom here.