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Darron Breeds & Fucks Jj Raw For Money

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Darron Bluu, JJ Pinkman

As the camera rolls, JJ and Darron are seen kissing each other deeply, with their tongues intertwining in a sensual dance. Their lips slowly move down from each other's faces to explore the rest of their bodies. JJ is sporting a pair of Blue boxer briefs, while Darron wears gray Calvin Kleins. Darron starts by kissing JJ's neck, moving his way down to his chest, stomach, and finally settling on JJ's hard cock. He takes it into his mouth, sucking on it gently while running his hands up and down JJ's muscular thigh. JJ can feel himself getting aroused as he watches Darron give him a blowjob that is sure to be remembered. His moans become louder and more intense as Darron's skilled mouth and tongue work their magic on his cock.

Next JJ takes hold of Darron's massive hard cock and immediately begins sucking on it. With every gagging breath, he slobbers and salivates all over the thick shaft, making it slick and wet. Darron is well endowed, and JJ can't help but admit that his massive dick is beyond impressive. As the boys continue, JJ bends over, allowing Darron to rim his hairy hole with his tongue. Darron's tongue feels like a warm, wet blanket against JJ's puckered asshole, and soon JJ's hole is gaping even wider, dripping with spit from the slick rimming session. Darron then probes the hairy hole with his finger, his big cock bouncing up and down throbbing with excitement. JJ is apprehensive to take such a huge cock. Darron is sweet and gentle while sliding his big dick into JJ's boy hole.

The straight boy JJ is taken by surprise when he is penetrated by Darron's big dick, which causes him to tense up initially. However, the money motivates him to overcome his initial hesitation and allow himself to be fully enjoyed by Darron. The scene becomes even more intense as Darron fucks JJ furiously in a new position. Darron continues to pound away until he works out a sticky white load that he shoots directly onto JJ's butt hole. He slides the cum covered cock inside JJ’s hairy hole forming a creampie. Finally, JJ shoots his own load all over Darron's face, covering one of his eyes with slick white cum. The scene ends with both men seemingly satisfied and relieved after their intense sexual encounter.

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