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Blake Bennet Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.59/5

In his own words:

"Serving job isn't cutting it and I have to pay for college."

Our comments:

"Blake is a very shy, yet polite boy from Texas. He is slim, cute, and has a very plump ball sack."

Producer comments:

"He was shy at first but once you get him to open up.... WHATCH OUT!"

  • Where In The World Is Abram Hoffer

    Check out this admittedly corny BTS video as our guys have a little bit of fun on their last trip out to Florida!

  • Outtakes: Getting To Know The Boys

    Join Paul Canon, Dimitri Thomas, Jake Tipton, Blake Bennet, Ian Dempsey, and Ronan Kennedy as they discuss what the porn lifestyle is like, and who they like, or dislike, in the house. Drama!

  • The New Gay Porn Model Boys

    There are some newbies in the BSB house and we show it all! From them being picked up at the airport to them having fun at the mansion. Learn more about Blake, Dimitri, Paul, Jake, and Ronan as they take a dive in the pool, reveal more about themselves..

  • Gay Porn Stars Big Dick Contest

    There are some newbies in the BSB house and we show it all! From them being picked up at the airport to them having fun at the mansion. Learn more about Blake, Dimitri, Jake, and Ronan as they take a dive in the pool and reveal more about themselves.

  • Blake Bennett Fucks Griffin Matthews

    Blake Bennet gives Griffin Matthews a hot meat injection! First they slobber each other's rods, with Blake face fucking Griffin's mouth. With each stroke, Blake pounds Griffin's hairy ass. Watch for Griffin's load! The first stream goes over his head!

  • Blake Bennett Fucks Damien Kyle Raw

    Blake Bennet fucks Damien Kyle in this steaming update. Before the main course, the two feel each other up. Stroking their tools until they are ready to play. When it's raw fucking time Damien sits on Blake's bone, his hole stretched to the max.

  • Blake Bennett Fucks Brandon Beal

    Blake Bennet, Brandon Beal, kissing, sucking and raw fucking. Do you really need to know anything else about this video? These two pros go at it like horned up rabbits. And when Blake slips his dick in Brandon's man hole, the pounding is balls deep!

  • Bsb Gay Porn Studio Goes To Hollywood 2

    LA Pridefest is one of the busiest and craziest in the nation and this episode highlights the best of it. Watch as Paul Canon, Damien Kyle, and Blake Bennet experience all that LA Pridefest has to offer.

  • Bsb Gay Porn Goes To Hollywood! (part 1)

    Catch Paul Canon, Blake Bennet, and Damien Kyle as they travel to the Entertainment Capital of the World to visit the Hollywood sign and more!

  • Phoenix Gay Pride Part 2

    In part 2 of "On the Road: Phoenix Gay Pride", go one on one with the guys when they each take over the camera to catch all the craziness and zany antics of Phoenix Pride. Don't miss it!

  • Phoenix Gay Pride Gay Porn Models Part 1

    Go "on the road" with Sha and the guys when they travel to Phoenix for the first Gay Pride of the 2013 season! In this installment of "On the Road", catch a raw, and candid, glimpse of the guys in their hotel room as they prepare for the day's activities.

  • Get To Know Gay Porn Star Blake

    In part 2 of our first installment of Up Close & Personal with Sha, Blake Bennet continues his discussion on how he became a Broke Straight Boys model and his first experience with a stalker.

  • At Least I'm Not Bottoming

    This 3-way is too hot to handle! So much raw fucking you are bound to bust early and often! Blake Bennet is the meat in this spit roast. Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal use and abuse his man hole. BSB will never be the same after this update!

  • What Is It Like To Be A Gay Porn Star?

    Blake Bennet discusses how he became a Broke Straight Boys model and when he first told his family that his "second job" is actually porn.

  • Duncan Donkey Dick Stretches His Hole

    Blake Bennet will never be the same after this major ass-stretching from Duncan Tyler. He licks all over Duncan's tool, getting it slick with spit. The top puts Blake on his back, and rams his meat home. Poor Blake. His hole has not been used like this.

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments (Pilot Episode)

    As many of you have seen already, Ms. Sabrina doesn't play. Add a mixture of hot straight guys, sex, and tons of fun, there is bound to be a little trouble. When the boys get out of hand, Ms. Sabrina makes them put their oral skills to the test!

  • Straight Talk With Gay Porn Models

    Join America's "porn-cultural" consciousness with Straight Talk, our newest Behind the Scenes offering. Straight Talk promises to bring you exciting news and information from Broke Straight Boys and the gay porn industry.

  • Q & A With Sha And Blake Bennet - Episode 2

    In this update, Blake pushes Sha even "harder"! Discover what gets Sha hot and bothered, the type of guys that get him off, and what he has planned for the BSB World Tour 2013.

  • It Only Hurts For A Minute

    Lucas Weston returns to give Blake Bennet a good raw fucking! The two start with heated kissing. They then slurp each other's tools. From there, Blake gets on his knees and Lucas rams that man hole. He fucks so deep that Blake loses lots of man juice!

  • Q & A With Sha And Blake Bennet Episode 1

    When the BSB fans speak - we listen! Broke Straight Boys presents Q&A with Sha and Blake Bennet: a no-holds barred Q&A session with BSB producer SHa. Nothing is off limits!

  • Lucas Doing Gay Porn For Housing

    In this episode, Lucas "comes clean" as he prepares for his big bareback scene with Johnny Forza. Also, catch a sneak peek at Mike's First Time, the next big update from the Behind the Scenes team!

  • Teen Blake Teaches Tyler How To Suck

    Tyler Blaze returns to learn the joys of oral sex, and Blake Bennet teaches him the ropes. Blake is a great teacher because he understands what a warm mouth can do. At first Tyler is a hesitant student, but when the lesson ends he earns a cum surprise!

  • I Like Cars, Beer, Girls & Money

    Johnny Forza, and his chiseled body, has returned to fuck the cum out of a nervous Blake Bennet. He has every reason to be worried about Johnny's big dick, but once he's used to it Blake's whole body shakes with desire. Neither boy will forget this scene!

  • Max Flint Plows Blake Bennet

    The last time Max and Blake were together, Blake was the teacher. Max has learned more skills since then, and in this blistering video he takes care of Blake's tan booty. Watch as Blake responds to Max filling him up to the brim. A must see scene!

  • Blake Bennet & Gabe Parrillo Suck

    Blake Bennet takes time to teach Gabe Parrillo some man loving skills as they take in some new scenery at Coconut Cove. Gabe is an eager student and Blake is the type of teacher most of us dream of. When the vid ends, everyone has a good (hot) grade!

  • Ayden Pops Teen Boy Blake's Cherry

    It's the video the BSB community has been waiting for. Blake Bennet is opening his ass for use. Ayden Troy will break Blake in; you'll not want to miss the cum draining scene!

  • 2012 San Diego Pride

    Jason and Blake are in San Diego for the 2012 Pride.

  • Skip Class To Fuck Some Ass Gay Orgy

    Who isn't in the mood for a four way with Blake, Brandon, Max and Sam? Brandon offers his holes for use, and the boys give him the workout he needs!

  • New York Gay Pride

    Blake Bennet, Denver Grand, Cole Gartner and Jason Matthews are in New York City for the 2012 NY Pride.

  • 2012 Dc Pride

    Blake Bennet, Cole Gartner and Jason Matthews are in DC for the 2012 Pride.

  • Denver Gay Pridefest W Gay Porn Models

    Broke Straight Boys Denver Grand, Spencer Todd, Kodi, Jason, Chad and Rob Ryder are in Colorado for the 2012 Denver Pride.

  • Max Flint Gives & Receives First Blowjob

    Max returns to the BSB studio to try out the mechanics of male sex. Blake Bennet will be sharing a few timely lessons on how to make a man happy. Blake is a great teacher and Max takes to his lesson like an A+ student!

  • Gay Porn Star Blake Bennets Interview

    Sha interviews Blake Bennett.

  • 2012 Phoenix Pride

    Angel and Cole from and Blake Bennet from are in Phoenix Pride.

  • Sweaty Man Sex With A Pearl Necklace

    Blake and Jason indulge in hot, sweaty man sex. The two boys suck each other off before Jason takes one for the team and as a reward, receives a pearl necklace.

  • Which Guy Will Be More Dominate?

    Blake and Anthony team up for a sizzling hot oral display before one of these boys gets their asses pounded into tomorrow! Which one shows off a little seen dominant side? Find out for yourself by watching the update!

  • Never Done Anything This Gay Before

    Ty and Denver are here to teach Blake some new cock sucking skills, however, their tuition takes a new turn and things get seriously hot! Watch what happens when Blake goes out of his comfort zone!

  • Naked Gay Porn Twister

    Some of our Broke Straight Boys play Twister the game.

  • I'll Show You How To Suck A Penis

    Ty is back in the studio in order to teach Blake how to suck cock like a pro. However, things don't go quite as Blake had hoped. Find out for yourself what happened by watching right to the end!

  • Texan Blake Bennet Gets Nude For Cash

    Blake is a shy new addition to BSB who is more than willing to show off his wares for some easy cash. Watch as this 'grower' shows off one of the biggest cum shots ever seen on BSB!

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  • Drewllan on 05/25/2023

    bring back blake

    • StreetRob on 09/03/2022

      The Straight Guy fantasy is meeting a Str8 Boy and liking His personality so much We will even pay Him to let Us give them the experience of having your Cock drained by a Man.. We know they will never turn back. i live in the South. Blake is certified Cutie. If I could meet a Blake and he would let me drain His cock for a few hundred dollars... That is My fantasy. I had a feeling this model would be shy because of his small penis.My fantasy doesn't care about size so much as seeing the boy become curious begin to Erect and play with themselves. My first thought was He would make a great Mormon Boy.. When that cock of his became enormous My membership with BSB just paid for itself.

      • RedBeard84 on 10/23/2021

        Blake has told us recently on the forums he's actually getting back into porn! He's started an onlyfans page and I'm sure he'd love to see you there. look for the onlyfans page of blakebennetof

        • kaihusband on 08/07/2020

          I concur with Blakefan, Blake is so much hotter than some of the vanilla boys featured prominently on this site, particularly when he's screaming with a big cock up his ass. I love it!

          • Blakefan on 04/22/2019

            Blake is really hot!! I can't get enough of him. I would love it if you could bring him back!

            • attaboy87 on 02/22/2019

              Bring Blake back!!

              • anonymous on 09/12/2018

                Bring this guy back. Every one of his scenes was awesome

                • Gianniplays1 on 08/19/2018

                  Blake was a perfect little spinner, sexy hair pants and a hungry ass. Wherever he is rest assured he doesn't go without.

                  • PJluvs2wtc on 03/27/2017

                    I sure wish you would bring back Blake Bennet.

                    • gchal00 on 02/02/2017

                      This man is a god. Craving more.