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Jj Didn’t Realize How Huge Darron’s Cock Was

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JJ and Darron are both lying nude on the bed, their bodies intertwined in embrace. Darron still has JJ's cum glazed upon his eyelid. The scene unfolds and we hear the voice of an unseen interviewer asking Darron about his experience fucking JJ for the first time. Darron answers with enthusiasm, describing how he couldn't believe how tight JJ's ass was, and how much he enjoyed stretching it out to accommodate his big dick.

When it comes to payment JJ and Darron were all smiles after their intense gay sex scene in front of the camera. The two actors had just earned an impressive $1,700 for their efforts, which left them both feeling elated. JJ's joyful expression was clear to see as he celebrated his success alongside his co-star, who looked equally content with the outcome. It was clear that this hard work and dedication had paid off handsomely for these two talented performers.

As JJ and Darron continue the interview, they both realize how messy things just got. JJ can't believe he accidentally sprayed his load all over Darron's face, while Darron is trying to hold back tears from the burning sensation in his eye caused by JJ's cum. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, the guys try to make light of it with some humor. JJ jokes that maybe this was a fair trade of exchanging unpleasant experiences since he doesn't enjoy bottoming anyway. With their interview behind them, both men are eager to get cleaned up before heading out for drinks or dinner. They share a laugh about how crazy things just got and agree that they probably won't forget this experience anytime soon.

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