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Leo Chris Darron Before The Scene

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Leo is busy playing with Darron's and Chris's cocks through their pants while the boys debate whether on-set orgasms or personal-life orgasms are more intense. The conclusion? Chris has better orgasms off set with his partners, while Darron's are much more intense (even though it's harder to achieve) on set.

The three boys in the room means there's a three-way coming in the next featured scene. Darron, as always, is the most experienced of the crew when it comes to off-camera action. Leo, on the other hand, has had a threesome before. Chris is still working on convincing his girlfriend that it would be a good time for all.

The game plan is Chris as the top. Leo is fresh meat and therefore will be bottoming, and Darron will play both sides - giving and taking cock. The storyline will be full of surprises and fun as the boys play their roles of sexy, shirtless actors.

Leo is looking forward to playing with both boys at the same time. Darron is excited to go where he's needed, and Chris is giggly-happy about this new experience. The boys' cocks are hungry for action!

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