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Duncan Tyler Add to Favorites
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 8.5 (22cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.52/5

In his own words:

"I just want to restore my car."

Our comments:

"Duncan has long blonde hair and a slim body. His oddly deep voice has a weird sexiness about it. "

Producer comments:

"I would love to tug on those blonde locks from behind."

  • I'll Do Anything To Make Some Money

    Kaden Alexander isn't looking forward to being stuffed by Duncan "donkey dick" Tyler. Even sucking it is a challenge. Duncan lets Kaden ride his monster to get used to the size. The poor bottom cries to the heavens. Duncan pounds away until the end!

  • Tristan Takes Duncan's Massive Cock

    Duncan Tyler gives Tristan Stiles some donkey dick! First Duncan slobbers all over Tristan's tool. Tristan tries to do the same, but that man beef can't fit his mouth. Duncan makes it fit into the tighter hole, and Tristan whimpers until the juicy end.

  • Dakota Says No To Duncans Huge Cock

    Dakota Ford was supposed be fucked in this update. But after getting a look at Duncan Tyler's donkey dick, Dakota turns scared. Duncan agrees to switch roles, and Dakota fucks Duncan like there's no tomorrow. The veteran groans until the jizzy end!

  • Bukkake For The Holidays!

    Tristan Stiles gets a succulent Christmas gift: a face full of cum! Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford leave their jizzy presents on Tristan's hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and chin.

  • Bts: Welcome To The Bsb Holiday Bash!

    It's the holidays and the boys are broke. However, that doesn't stop them from having a blast when a little holiday surprise comes their way. Catch Ian, Tristan, Dakota, Cage, Kaden, Paul, Damian, Romeo, and Duncan in their undies spreading some cheer.

  • Adam Baer & Duncan Tyler Flip Fuck

    In this update, Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler flip-flop. Duncan's little butt gets busted first. He groans through it all, even though Adam is gentle. When it's Duncan's turn, he splits Adam open like a peach! There's a lot of shaking when it's all done!

  • Johnny Forza & Duncan Tyler

    Duncan Tyler returns for a Johnny Forza pounding. Johnny shows no mercy, fucking the donkey-dicked bottom doggie and on his back. Duncan groans but his special spot can't handle the pressure. He shoots a juicy load. Johnny pulls out and does the same!

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments: (episode 2)

    In this episode, Ms. Sabrina challenges the boys to a game of "sex-slang" and other delicious fun. You won't believe what she has the boys do.

  • Straight College Friends Have Orgy

    Duncan Tyler and Adam Baer fulfill a delivery guy fantasy, with Conner Matthews in the role of the guy bringing a pizza. Once he's inside, Conner hits his knees and sucks away. That's a lot of sausage, but the boy wants a tip. He gets it...a facial!

  • College Kid Connor Goes Down

    Connor has hit a rough patch and needs some cash and fast! What would any college age stud do in a bind? Porn of course! Connor hits the jackpot when he gives Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler a class in Oral Skills 101.

  • Duncan Stretches Blake

    Blake Bennet will never be the same after this major ass-stretching from Duncan Tyler. He licks all over Duncan's tool, getting it slick with spit. The top puts Blake on his back, and rams his meat home. Poor Blake. His hole has not been used like this.

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments (Pilot Episode)

    As many of you have seen already, Ms. Sabrina doesn't play. Add a mixture of hot straight guys, sex, and tons of fun, there is bound to be a little trouble. When the boys get out of hand, Ms. Sabrina makes them put their oral skills to the test!

  • Paul Canon Takes Duncan Tylers Dick

    Paul Canon takes the ultimate step today. His sweet backside is opened up by Duncan Tyler's long monster. Duncan is a laid back fellow and offers his ass in exchange. Both lads will walk funny for about a week, but their grins will be wide and satisfied!

  • Duncan Tyler Fucks Anthony

    Anthony returns! This time his man hole is tested by Duncan Tyler's impressive tool. BSB's resident pass around bottom initially struggles to handle what Duncan is packing. Duncan ignores the bottom's cries, and pumps away. Both lads walk away happy!

  • Dexter Graf & Duncan Tyler Fuck

    Dexter Graf and Duncan Tyler will experience "firsts" in today's update. Dexter will fill up Duncan's man hole. Duncan bites the pillow and allows Dexter to pump away. When it's all over, Dexter nuts and Duncan earns a mouthful of juicy man cream!

  • Duncan Tyler & Trent Jackson Suck

    Duncan Tyler teaches Trent Jackson how to handle man meat! This is an impressive lesson for the newbie because Duncan is hung like a pony. However, Trent is adept at his work. He slobbers all over Duncan's pole, and helps his teacher bust a healthy load!

  • Kyle Harley & Duncan Tyler 69

    Kyle Harley is back to service Duncan Tyler. Considering the size of Duncan's tool, Kyle works hard to keep Duncan happy. He's impressed with the effort, and returns the favor by keeping his mouth open as Kyle nuts. Watch to see if Duncan takes the load!

  • He Is Scared Of His Mammoth Meat Stick

    Duncan makes another BSB appearance, but this time he finally plays the role of top (which he is WELL qualified for). Bottom boy Seth offers his hot hole for the taking. He'll be walking funny for a week, but Duncan will be happy!

  • Ross & Duncan Tyler Perform Oral

    Duncan brings his hefty tool back for action. Ross is the lucky fellow who offers his oral cavity for Duncan's use. The blonde stud ravishes Ross' mouth, but allows the same to happen to him.

  • Duncan Tyler 07-30-2012
    Duncan Tyler

    Duncan. Sweet Duncan. Don't want to give it all away, but this lad is packing. As in a whole lot! And his load? Shoots out like a water pistol. You'll be in love at the end!

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  • Gr57wf425tr on 10/27/2022

    Ooh my!! This guy is hung, excuse me, HE IS HUNG!!!! He does seems to be a real decent guy and a whole bunch of fun!

    • aussieboss on 09/10/2022

      Number one most missed guy on BSB, imo he retired before his time!

      • DirtyChaos420 on 08/18/2022

        Duncan is hands down the sexiest guy I've ever seen! Literally everything about him is appealing and getting to see him naked and horny is an absolute treat. I would give anything and everything for him to get back into porn!

        • Justinweaver on 12/20/2019

          Lord thank you for giving us Duncan... That cock though!!! I wonder if i could take that much manmeat?? Sure could!!

          • Victorjordan1977 on 09/16/2019

            Exactly what I'm looking for in a man! Huge cock no talk!

            • anonymous on 11/27/2018

              Duncan was amazing. What are the chances of getting him back?

              • Byrnec2 on 01/16/2017

                it would be nice to see duncan come back one of the best dicks you have on the site

                • KOOLAID on 07/29/2016


                  • matty21 on 03/15/2015

                    please bring duncan back!

                    • Faylose on 09/12/2014

                      Now that Skyler is back, can we get Duncan to hard fuck and creampie him?