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Jj Makes The Decision To Bottom For Extra MoneyAdd Movie to your Favorites
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JJ and Darron sit side by side, ready to take on a series of questions. Their appearances and responses offer a glimpse into their personalities and the experiences that have shaped their summer. JJ opts for a casual and relaxed look, wearing a simple black t-shirt paired with comfortable blue shorts. Darron's attire exudes a slightly more sophisticated touch, as he wears glasses and sports a dark black shirt complemented by blue jeans. As the conversation unfolds, the two guys begin by sharing their summer experiences. Darron, with his newly styled facial hair featuring a mustache with elegant curls and a goatee, introduces a playful touch to the conversation. He takes the opportunity to discuss his summer job at a bar and how this year has brought a sharp decrease in tips, a topic that hints at his financial struggles during the season. On the other hand, JJ reflects on his time as a hardworking landscaper, acknowledging that although the work is demanding, the pay doesn't always reflect the effort he puts in.

New boy JJ doesnt like cum but he is going to bottom for Darron in their upcoming gay sex scene together. JJ explains that he is performing in order to support his new baby. He says that he is willing to do anything to support his family, even naughty acts with other guys. Darron agrees to go easy on JJ's tight straight boy hole because he does not typically bottom. The conversation turns to taking a peak at Darron's penis. They all joke about the size of Darron's big dick. Next, JJ bends over to reveal his pink hole nestled between his ass cheeks. The guys find out if they do raunchy acts at the climax of their scene they will be paid more. With excited expressions, Darron and JJ begin to practice kissing each other as the scene comes to a close.

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