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Liam And Darron Before The Scene

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Doesn't drink, doesn't smoke. What does Darron do? Have sex, of course. Not even a second went by for Darron to declare that he is going to top. Liam doesn't mind, it's a lot of work to top.

Good thing Darron is a natural switch. He's always wanted to be 'that guy' on the screen, doing the fucking. But starting at another studio as the youngest one, he began as a bottom. Darron is thankful that BSB likes to mix it up, topping and bottoming when he likes, attracted to the vibe more than the person's gender.

Liam, on the other hand, is just starting out and hasn't really figured out what he likes and doesn't. Mostly, Broke Straight Boys has given him a plethora of positive experiences. One such surprise experience is on the horizon. Members be sure to check out the upcoming videos!

Adorable, cute and hot, Liam and Darron are promised a whopping $1500 a piece - but a REALLY good sex scene is required. Showing us the goods, small town boy Darron is 8 inches hard. Can Liam make suck him well enough to earn them both some serious dough?

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