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Richie West Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.1 (185cm)
  • Weight: 145
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.6/5

In his own words:

"I come from very humble beginnings. Small town boy with big city dreams ready to make my dreams come true. "

Our comments:

"Richie is one of the kindest and most respectful models that we have had the pleasure of meeting. He is one of those guys that has yet to realize how much of a gift he is to the world around him. "

  • Johnny And Richie After The Scene

    Richie definitely loves to top, and Johnny kicked off his birthday weekend enjoying his dick. Find out what these two think about the scene.

  • Richie Fucking Johnny's Tight Hole

    Richie can be tender and tame, and Johnny is extroverted and outgoing. Opposites attract when the boys make one another feel good.

  • Johnny And Richie Before The Scene

    While Richie tells us about his traveling plans and kayaking, Johnny tells us the origin of his social media account. Find out which of the guys want to top the other when we put these known guys together.

  • Richie And Jesse After The Scene

    Richie is getting used to being a top more, as evidenced by how great it felt pounding Jesse. He tells us more about shedding his “bottom only” title.

  • Giving My Buddies Hole A Workout

    Richie is feeling dominant today, and admires ripped men. Jesse knows how to please him, and offers his ass so Richie can have his way with it.

  • Richie And Jesse Before The Scene

    Richie and Jesse bond over cars and experiences around Vegas. One of the guys wants to top the other.

  • Richie And Charlie After The Scene

    Richie gave Charlie a hard pounding, and Charlie still feels it. The boys talk to us about dick shape, making it comfortable as a top, and other hot topics.

  • Two Hot Gingers Fuck

    Charlie has been fantasizing about another redhead lately, and Richie is ready to get aggressive. The boys get cozy on the bed, before Richie puts his long dick in Charlie’s ass.

  • Richie And Charlie Before The Scene

    Charlie goes to his first drag show, and boy did he have fun. Richie had his eyes on a few guys while he was there, but today has his eyes on Charlie.

  • Nico And Richie After The Scene

    Nico brought out his aggressive side, much to Richie’s delight. They talk to us about how being verbal adds to the moment. And is Nico getting another tattoo?

  • Nico Fucks Richie's Tight Pink Hole

    Nico asserts his dominance to Richie, standing over him while Richie sucks his dick. Before long, Richie is on his back taking it deep from Nico’s uncut cock.

  • Nico And Richie Before The Scene

    Nico Nova is back, and this time with hot twink Richie. Both guys are into heights, with Nico wanting to mountain climb, and Richie wanting to fly planes. The fun begins once they start kissing, with Nico being on top this time…

  • Aiden And Richie After The Scene

    Richie is coming off of a major sex high after being rammed by Aiden. Find out who prefers to bottom, and who is almost always the bottom, before they get cleaned up.

  • Aiden Asher Fucks Richie West

    Richie has a thing for taller older guys. Aiden shows him why big bros always know better. It doesn’t take long before this Marine has Richie bent over taking it like a pro, then mounting Richie on the bed giving him every inch.

  • Aiden And Richie Before The Scene

    The hot Marine Aiden is back with Richie, who is excited to be tossed around by him. How early did Aiden have to get up when he served? And what enticing fetish does Richie want Aiden to give him? These boys set up a hot scene ahead.

  • Bentley And Richie After The Scene

    After a hot scene, the boys catch their breath and chat with us. Has Richie been with a guy with kids before? And how much do the guys want to give the other? We get their thoughts before they shower.

  • Bentley Layne Pounding Richie West

    Tall Richie pairs up with hot newcomer Bentley in this hot scene. Richie opens his throat to take Bentley’s long dick in his mouth, then opens his hole for a good pounding. An aggressive, must-see scene that leaves both of them, and us, catching our breath

  • Bentley And Richie Before The Scene

    Richie is back with us after a year, and we paired him up with Bentley for some fun. Find out which position Bentley likes better, and who is into superheroes.

  • Stuck At Home With Richie West

    Richie is stuck at home during COVID just like the rest of us. He sent us something special for members to enjoy in the meantime.

  • Richie And Oliver Shower Owner Cut

    This free behind the scenes bonus update takes you to watch Richie and Oliver shower together after their scene. Enjoy watching these dirty boys get clean!

  • After The Scene Oliver And Richie

    Hear Richie and Oliver's thoughts on the scene before they clean that cum off!

  • High Schoolers Skip School To Have Sex

    These two high school boys skip class to suck each others cocks and pound some ass to make some money.

  • Before The Scene Oliver And Richie

    In this free bonus behind the scenes update we talk with Richie and Oliver about their upcoming scene together!

  • Ethan Fucks His Girlfriends Brother

    Richie's ass cheeks are bright red and that hole fucked until it's sore after Ethan gets a hold of him! I wonder what his girlfriend is going to say.

  • Older Guy Fucks Ginger Boys Teen Ass

    Cute redhead Richie gets his ass dominated by Charles, getting rimmed then fucked raw!

  • Richie West Pounding Jj Smitts

    Richie treats JJ to some ass licking and cock sucking before bending that sweet guy over the bed and pounding him raw!

  • Ryan Parks Fucking Richie West

    Ryan works Richie's ass and cock with his mouth and then fills Richie up with his own long shaft and fucks him raw!

  • Elijah Scott Dominating Richie West

    Richie West has his tight ass fucked by the new guy Elijah Scott, but not before Richie gives Elijah a good cock-suck.

  • Benjamin Pounds Richie's Tight Hole

    Sexy young man Richie West get his tight pink hole fucked bareback from behind by Benjamin, giving him all he's got!

  • Two Straight Gingers Suck & Fuck Raw

    Sky Clesi Shows Richie some new tricks. First he has Richie grab his feet and sucks his ginger cock then bends Richie over on the bed and taking him from behind!

  • Richie Spreads His Ass For Kyle

    Richie West spreads his ass for Kyle Lovern, letting him inside of him as he gets fucked hard, deep and raw!

  • Chat W/ Gay Porn Stars Ben, Jos & Richie

    Join us as we sit down with Richie, Jos and Benjamin as we get to know these guys a little more.

  • Benjamin, Jos And Richie Threeway

    A fun threesome between Benjamin, Jos and Richie. Richie gets a taste of dick and his hole filled!

  • Broke Straight Boys Gay Forum Contest

    Join Sky Clesi, Kyle Lovern, Jos Alvarez and Richie West as they announce the winners of the BSB forum contest!

  • Jos Wants A Taste Of Richies Prick

    When two straight guys find themselves alone and horny, what better to do than suck cock, eat ass and fuck raw?

  • Max Jay And Richie West Flip Fuck

    Today Max Jay and Richie West get to know each other a little better by each getting a chance to fuck each other.

  • Ryan Fucks Red Head Teen Boy Richie West

    Sexy Ryan Pitt fucks the little redhead Richie West in his tight ass until they both cum.

  • Ginger Richie West Fucked Deep By Ryan

    Enjoy watching as Richie West gets his ass fucked raw and deep by Ryan Fields!

  • Red Head Ginger Boys Fuck

    Newbie Jonny Cox has his first experience fucking a guy...and the lucky bottom is Richie West!

  • Bsb Live With Magician Jos Alvarez

    In this free bonus update: See what Jos Alvarez has in store in this BSB Live video for you to enjoy!

  • John Henry Fucking Richie West

    John Henry and Richie West make their hot bath even hotter as these two get dirty together, sucking and rimming and dildos and bareback fucking...all you could want and more!

  • College Stud Xavier Fucks Ginger Teen

    Xavier Ryan enjoys fucking Richie West a little more than we expected...but Richie doesn't seem to mind that cock in his ass!

  • Sexy Stud Fucks Ginger Boy

    Brandon's cock gets sucked by Richie before getting pushed into Richie's tight little ass!

  • Grey Fucks Ginger Boy Richie West

    New guy to BSB, Grey Donovan, bareback fucks Richie West until they both explode!

  • Ginger Richie Takes Ari's Hard Cock

    Ari Nucci dominates with Richie West on his back taking that infamously big cock.

  • Newbie Axel Fucks Richie West

    Watch as new guys Axel and Richie get acquainted with each other, kissing and sucking and pounding ass!

  • Ginger Richie's Ass Fucked By Bobby

    Richie gets his sweet little ass dominated by Bobby, who pounds him hard and shoots his load between Richie's ass!

  • Buddy Wild Fucks Ginger Richie West

    We are excited to bring you this sexy scene between Buddy Wild and Richie West... Richie gets fucked like he has never been fucked before.

  • He's Way Tighter Than My Girlfriend

    Richie West struggles to take Landon Wells' long, thick shaft in his tight hole, but once Landon feels that tight ass, he fucks Richie until they both cum and Landon gets a mouthful of jizz!

  • Richie West First Time Doing Gay Porn

    We've got a sexy new ginger for you, Richie West, and he's ready to jerk his dick and bust a nut for you!

  • Getting To Know Ginger Richie West

    Get to know our newest ginger, Richie West, and see what led him here to BSB.

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  • Richie38 on 02/25/2022

    Richie West is a super star 360! He has just begun. I am a big fan and follower of this awesome man! Good luck in all you do Richie!

    • MichaelIsaac13 on 10/14/2021

      Ginger is my favourite colour and Richie is my favourite boy. Like gingerbread I bet he tastes so good and straight out from an oven he's red hot.

      • armyman1946 on 07/08/2021

        I love Richie West he is so cute, hot and sexy. I just love watching his scenes and wishing.

        • KIMBLET on 05/16/2021

          Richie; I wait with anticipation for everyone of your scenes. I think you are awesome and so kind. I would personally love to cuddle with you for sure. I'm from close to your hometown in MD and I'm so happy to know you represent us so well. I was hoping you could drop me a line with your Twitter account so I can join.

          • br6205 on 03/08/2021

            Richie please top again.

            • Kolby2018 on 10/11/2020

              I love everything about you, you are HOT

              • br6205 on 01/24/2020

                FYI Richie can now be found on College Dudes as mainly a top!

                • br6205 on 05/30/2020

                  It is clear from his latest video he likes gay sex as Jos admitted in a chat.

                • smanofsteel76 on 01/13/2020

                  I love Richie's big red cock!

                  • begtobemyboy on 12/03/2019

                    Richie is by far my favorite on here. It's a shame he hasn't been back for more scenes.

                    • pit1icker on 11/13/2019

                      Just watched through Richie's scenes and WOW. Probably the most consistently good bottom performer I've seen.. I have a new toplist fav porn star now :D