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Flip Flop Straight Jock Boys Pound Each Others Straight HolesAdd Movie to your Favorites
Darron Bluu, Ashton Silvers

Both clad in blue underwear, Ashton and Darron get ready to switch it up by making out and touching each other's smooth chests. Darron positions himself to kiss Ashton's nipples, down his stomach, along his happy trail, and directly towards his hard, huge cock. Balls still tucked behind the band of his underwear, Ashton pushes his erect member deep into Darron's throat. Rubbing his cock along Darron's tongue, Ashton grabs Darron's hair and makes sure he knows just how deep he likes it.

After a few kisses, the straight guys trades places, kneeling on the floor as Darron kneels on the bed - at the just-right height for Ashton to wrap his lips around Darron's cock. Similarly massaging him with his tongue, Ashton's throat gets filled with Darron's thickness, while he uses his fingers to tease his balls. "Fuck, you're making me gag," says Ashton, between huge intakes of breath.

Wiping his mouth and coming up for air, Ashton positions himself in front of the sitting Darron, presenting his hole to Darron as a gourmet platter. He begins to play with Ashton's asshole, using tongue and finger alike, teasing for what's to come. Ashton's cock is hard as he pushes his hips back into Darron. Positioning himself perfectly over Darron's thick cock, Ashton slides gently onto him. This straight boy takes Darron's thick dick into his ass like the professional he is, moaning as it fills every inch of him. Darron takes over pumping, and feverishly pulses into Ashton, the teen cock remaining erect from the intense sensation swelling in his ass. Switching between power bottom to power top, the boys trade control back and forth - allowing each other to fuck at the pace that feels best to them.

All things intended to be equal, it's Darron's turn to receive the rim job. He lays on his back as Ashton's tongue dives deep into him. Darron strokes his cock and feels Ashton's breath against his asshole, highlighted between the wetness of his tongue licks. "Ready to get fucked?" Ashton inquires, tickling his fingers against Darron's asshole.

"It's been a minute," Darron warns, as he nervously enjoys the sensation of Ashton's fingers creeping inside him. Lube covering his raw cock, Ashton sticks just the tip into Darron's tight hole before slowly pumping himself all the way in. The full range of motion into Darron's asshole means he can only catch his breath with involuntary moans. An ass slap from Ashton demonstrates his approval of how tight Darron feels around his thick dick. The sexy stud he is, Ashton dominates Darron's asshole - pounding him deep as his balls swing between the two teens' flesh, with a hand gripped around Darron's neck, and another over his mouth to muffle his screams of pleasure.

Switching it up again, Ashton takes bottom position, laying against the bed as slender Darron mounts him missionary, shoving his cock into Ashton's hole without pretext. Similarly thick to his own, Ashton feels Darron's cock deepen into him in quick pulses. Darron plays with speed by taking long strokes and interspersing fast fucks, as Ashton pushes back against his legs with his hand. Darron obviously likes this paced play - hardily pumping into Ashton in rapid succession, just to interrupt the steady stream of Ashton's moans like screaming into a fan.

"I'm getting close." Darron announces, and it is both their turns to synchronously ejaculate onto each other. When you take turns being top and bottom, it's only fair to reach the finish line together!

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