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Ayden Troy

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 135 (62 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 6.0 (15cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.53/5

In his own words:

"I wish I didn't need money so badly. This is totally not cool."

Our comments:

"Ayden is a sexy, slim, and cut blonde with a really nice cock and totally fuckable ass. He has really grown into a sexy young man."

Producer comments:

"If I had 20 minutes and 20 Benjamins there is no telling what would happen!"

  • Brody Lasko Loses His Ass Cherry

    It's Brody Lasko's first time getting fucked in the ass, and Ayden Troy is the lucky stud who gets to breach that virgin hole! Watch as Brody takes a dick for the first time!

  • Teen Boy Puts Boy Meat In A Boys Ass

    Ayden Troy is back, but this time to show Ronan what its like to take a dick in the ass. He is a gentle-man at first, but gets more rough as Ronan gets into it...

  • Ayden Troy Fucks Romeo James

    Ayden Troy and Romeo James are paired up in this hot scene, and they're willing to fuck and suck for some cash! These boys don't mess around when it comes to sex, they're ready to bust a nut any way they can!

  • Straight Boy Wild & Kinky Sex Orgy

    Ayden, Dakota and Damien are ready to get a little wild and kinky with some threesome action! These boys are hungry for cock and ass, and lucky for them there's plenty to go around!

  • Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White

    Tyler and Ayden are here by popular demand! These young studs are ready for some action as Tyler bottoms for Ayden and gets his tight little ass stretched as he takes Ayden's big cock!

  • Ayden Troy & Vadim Black Ass Pound

    Ayden and Vadim are a very hot pair, easy on the eyes and even hotter when they're fucking! Enjoy these two as they give some head and Vadim gets his tight little ass pounded!

  • Bsb Takes Over Boulder, Co

    The boys of BSB take a field trip to the eccentric town of Boulder, CO and boy what a ride it is. Watch them as they mingle with the local talent, take over the town, and find out what kinds of girls turn them on! Boulder will never be the same!

  • Who Is The Biggest Slut?

    Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of "Who is the biggest slut?"

  • Up Close And Personal With Ayden Troy

    Producer Sha goes 1 on 1 with sexy model Ayden Troy in an exclusive interview from the Broke Straight Boy Mansion. Learn what really turns Ayden on, what his family and girlfriend think about him doing porn and how he became a model.

  • Skyler Daniels Fucks Ayden Troy

    Skyler Daniels gets a chance to fuck Ayden Troy. Ayden isn't happy about it, but Skyler doesn't care. From the first down stroke, he's balls deep in that sweet man hole. Ayden cries out, but his dick is hard. Both lads shoot tons of cum at the end!

  • Ayden Troy Fucks Mick Torrence

    Ayden Troy and Mick Torrence star in this update, with Mick getting his little butt busted again. The two first trade sloppy blowjobs, before Mick puts his ass in the air. Ayden makes sure Mick feels each stroke, filling that hairy hole up with meat.

  • Paul Goes Balls Deep Into Ayden

    It finally happened! Enough money made Ayden open up his man hole for a fucking. Paul gets the chance to pop that cherry, and he pops it good. Each stroke is balls deep, and it doesn't matter how much Ayden groans! Ayden will walk funny for a week.

  • Romeo & Ayden Workout Then Suck

    Ayden Troy gives newbie Romeo James a bit of a workout. He's impressed with the meat between Romeo's legs and puts his lips on it. Romeo likes the feeling, and does the same for Ayden. Both boys explode a lot of juice. Make sure to watch the outtakes!

  • High School Teen First Time Tasting Dick

    Ian Dempsey returns to BSB for a taste dick for the first time. Ayden shows the high school newbie how it's done. Then Ian takes his lesson and deep throats Ayden. The newbie's oral skills earn him some of Ayden's juice on his nose!

  • Ayden Troy Fucks Brayden Brax

    Brayden Brax quickly returns to BSB land. This time he's fucked by Ayden Troy. The newbie's fleshy ass was made for stuffing, and when Ayden gets in he's balls deep. Brayden takes it, moaning and whimpering with pleasure. Both boys are spent at the end!

  • Straight Talk (episode 3)

    In this installment of Broke Straight Boy's newest talk show Straight Talk, Sha sits down with hotties Johnny Forza, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla, Ayden Troy, and Skyler Daniels to discuss questions we're all curious to know...

  • Sklyer Loses His Ass Virginity

    Skyler Daniels has done it all, except have his fine ass fucked. In this update, Ayden Troy gets the honor. The two get their poles slick with spit first, and then Skyler gets on his hands and knees. Ayden fills Skyler up and fucks him until he explodes!

  • Ayden Troy And Liam Corolla Foreplay

    In this update Ayden Troy and Liam Corolla learn who sucks the best cock and someone gets rimmed. You can decide who sucks dick best, but Liam eats Ayden's ass with juicy precision. Liam's tongue makes Ayden's toes curl!

  • Ayden Troy Teaches Shane Trump To Suck

    Shane Trump gets his first taste of dick. Ayden Troy is the the lucky guy who breaks in Shane's sweet mouth! First Ayden offers lessons by lapping at Shane's hefty tool. Then it's Shane turn, who deep throats like a pro. He makes Ayden nut a messy one.

  • Harlem Shake

    Broke Straight Boys presents the Harlem Shake. The cast and crew (Johnny Forza, Sha, Aiden Tyler, Adam Bauer, and more).

  • Ayden Troy And Skyler Daniels Suck Meat

    Skyler Daniels sucks dick for the first time, and Ayden Troy is the lucky guy to get his knob polished! The newbie has learned a trick or two. Swallows Ayden's meat without choking. Jizz eventually ends on Skyler's chin and cheek. Watch to see how!

  • Ayden Troy Shows Adam Baer How To Fuck

    Ayden Troy and Adam Baer begin February with a bang. First, they try the pleasures of 69. After getting horned up, it's time for Ayden to cock pierce Adam's succulent ass. Adam grits his teeth like he's in pain but his dick, and load, say something else!

  • Ayden Troy & Alex Case Suck Cock

    Ayden Troy returns to offer newbie Alex Case a few pointers on how to make a dude happy. Ayden gobbles up Alexs junk, making the newbie loudly sigh. Alex proves to be an adept student, and his mouth talent makes Ayden to shoot a hefty load.

  • Ayden Troy Fucks Max Flints Teen Ass

    Ayden Troy and Max Flint are a sexy curly-topped pair! Today they team up, and Ayden gives his scene partner the type of filling that makes bottoms dream. Watch as Max's "special spot" is repeatedly jammed by Ayden's thick tool. You won't be disappointed!

  • Johnny Forza & Ayden Troy Suck Cock

    Ayden Troy and Johnny Forza meet and our couch will never be the same. This was Ayden's first time servicing a guy and wowza! He's a quick learner! Johnny is no slouch either. Both are straight but know what a good blow job is. They are BSB naturals!

  • Ayden Troy & Gabe Parrillo

    Ayden Troy gives newbie Gabe Parrillo some man-on-man training while both share some shower time. Gabe is uncomfortable at first, but soon enough he starts grooving to what Ayden is doing. Watch the loads both lads shoot at the end of this wet, hot, scene

  • Ayden Pops Teen Boy Blake's Cherry

    It's the video the BSB community has been waiting for. Blake Bennet is opening his ass for use. Ayden Troy will break Blake in; you'll not want to miss the cum draining scene!

  • Carter Blane First Time Sucking Dick

    Last time Carter was with us, he sat back and received some good service. Today he will do all the work on curly-topped Ayden. Both are nervous, but prove more than capable to their appointed tasks.

  • Golden State Boy Ayden Troy Spanks It

    Another curly topped model performs in the BSB studio. Ayden Troy has it all. Charisma, a sinewy body, and a johnson that makes mouths water with anticipation.

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  • SFPS01 on 12/17/2020

    Such a perfectly beautiful young man, inside and outside. Would love to spoil him and make him feel special, because he is.

    • eboy323 on 02/10/2019

      WOW....Ayden is super hot! A SEXXY stud with a humble swagger. LUV this guy!!!

      • toolman6969 on 09/12/2018

        Of all the hot dudes you have on this site, Ayden Troy is my absolute favorite. He is the epitome of what a really hot dude looks and acts like. He can park his shoes under my bed anytime.

        • jeditimm on 08/08/2018

          I will never find the perfect man because I will never find Ayden Troy.

          • Jeditimothy on 12/05/2017

            All I can say is I'm a super fan of Ayden and Skyler both. I think this is my first comment ever on BSB.

            • nukecasual on 11/23/2015

              Need to bring ayden troy back for another couple scenes

              • anonymous on 10/20/2015

                yeah ayden!!!

                • anonymous on 01/28/2015

                  Ayden needs to come back and bottom

                  • raymondo on 11/27/2015


                  • txtornado on 09/20/2014

                    He has a hot ass!

                    • anonymous on 07/14/2014

                      I especially love the video with Ayden Troy and Max Flint they look like Leo and Lance from the 80's porn. My request is for you to match them again for another scene...but, bareback this time....just like in Leo and Lance.