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Before Sex With Bruce Garcia, Samual Hayes, And Darron Bluu

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Boxer Shorts Down, Boys Bruce Garcia, Samual Hayes And Darron Bluu Prepare For Raw Group Sex.

The interview begins with the director greeting three broke straight boys sitting on the futon answering questions. Bruce sits on the left wearing a black tank top and khaki shorts. Burce's bulge is protruding from his cotton covered crotch. Samual sits in the middle and is wearing a light olive green colored tee shirt. Meanwhile Darron sits at the end on the right and has on a dark forest green top and denim blue jeans.

The director asks each guy if they have ever participated in a group sex three way before. Darron is experienced in the adult industry and has done threesomes several times in the past. However this will be Samual's first time doing group sex. Bruce admits that he has never been in a three way with just guys. Bruce was in a giant orgy for one of his past studios which is a much more different dynamic. Samual will be the bottom for both Darron and Bruce.

The director asks Darron how performing for broke straight boys impacted his life. Darron explains that the BSB studio feels like a second family to him. Samual is new and admits that working with everyone has been very fun. All the guys are anticipating a wild and exciting performance. Dominant Bruce is expected to lead the way during their steamy group sex session. Darron is ready to make some money by doing what he does well. The director expresses that going with the flow is a good tactic. Next the three boys strip down to just their underwear. Bruce has on tight fitting plaid boxer shorts. Samual is wearing white boxer briefs. Finally Darron is wearing green boxers and removes his eye glasses. The interview comes to an end offering a sneak peek at an upcoming stunning three way group sex scene.

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