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Lucas Fucks Darron Hard & Loosens Up His Asshole

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Darron Bluu, Lucas Porter

The boys get right into it, kissing each other and playing with their cocks through their underwear. Lucas goes right for Darron’s dick when he places his mouth on it. Darron loves grabbing Lucas’ hair and pushing his cock deeper into his mouth. Lucas kisses Darron’s neck after coming up from his dick, then pushes him down to have his turn sucking cock. “Oh fuck…” Lucas moans as Darron puts his mouth deeper into his long dick. Lucas then gets Darron to bend over on the bed and begins eating his tight ass. He has fun working Darron’s hole, even slapping his ass while he continues rimming him. Then he puts his uncut dick inside Darron, making him bite the sheets. Darron grunts and moans as he takes it from behind. Lucas grab Darron’s neck while he pounds him deeper, clearing enjoying owning his ass. Darron flips onto his back and lets Lucas go harder. He holds back load moans while his ass gets wrecked. Lucas goes as aggressive as he can inside Darron, until he pulls out and shoots his load all over Darron’s stomach. That gets Darron to bust his load on himself in response. Please comment on this scene at the bottom of this page. We need your feedback.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Lucas Porter and Darron Bluu.

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