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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 150 (68 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.33/5

In his own words:

"Your gonna be my bottom bitch"

Our comments:

"Darren has a nice slim but muscular body and a thick crop of dark hair. Bold and direct personality."

Producer comments:

"Watch Matt pull Darren's hair and face fuck him."

  • Turnback Tuesday: Lube Wrestling With Mark & Bobby 07-30-2013

    Darren takes control of this scene to be sure Mark and Bobby are all lubed up to wrestle.

  • Turnback Tuesday: How About A Game Of Nut Ball? 07-09-2013

    In this archive update we bring you 3 guys: Mark, Bobby and Darren to play a fun game of "Nut Ball". The point is to throw the ball and try to get your partners dick and balls.

  • 2012 Ft Lauderdale Pride 05-09-2012

    The boys are in Fort Lauderdale for Pride.

  • Darren & Blake Savage 03-29-2012

    Blake Savage is lucky to have Darren show him the ins and outs of cock sucking. How well does Blake learn? Watch for yourself as the boys indulge in an oral sensation!

  • Darren & Ty 03-15-2012

    Ty and Darren, two very delicious boys, are in the studio together. Neither is afraid of tasting cock, however, playing with toys is another thing entirely. Watch and find out what they do with each other!

  • Denver & Darren 02-23-2012

    Denver is lucky to have Darren show him the ropes when sucking on another guys cock. What else does Darren have in his bag of tricks that he can initiate Denver into? Watch and find out for yourself!

  • Tim & Darren 02-02-2012

    Darren teaches Tim a couple of lessons on how to suck cock and rim an ass hole. Tim then gets to take his oral exam on Darren's long dick. Watch and see if Tim passes the class with full marks?

  • Interviewing 01-09-2012

    Watch the newest interview of our Broke Straight Boys.

  • Conner & Darren 11-10-2011

    Connor tastes cock for the first time, helped along by Darren's instructions. See how he does at shooting practice and decide for yourself if Connor will be back for more?

  • Jimmy & Darren 10-13-2011

    Jimmy gets his big dick sucked by Darren before he fucks Darren all the way into next week! Watch out for an extra fancy move the boys try for the first time!

  • Darren & Anthony Hunt 10-08-2011

    Darren gets to trade oral skills with Anthony before showing off a rarely seen dominant side as he fucks Anthony all the way into next week!

  • Chad & Darren 09-24-2011

    Darren shows Chad how to perform the perfect blow job before worshipping Chad's fine feet. Finally, Chad shows just how well he paid attention to Darren's instructions. Oh, and watch for some hot and steamy interaction between the boys!

  • Drake & Darren 09-08-2011

    Darren practices some impressive oral skills on Drake before blowing Drake's mind with some extra hot rimming. If you want to know what Drake thought of being rimmed for the first time, then watch this update right to the end!

  • Kevin & Darren 09-01-2011

    Kevin and Darren trade oral skills before Darren makes Kevin his bottom bitch, demonstrating a dominant hand while fucking him.

  • Darren & Seth 08-27-2011

    Darren has the envious task of showing Seth how to perform a blow job before popping Seth's cherry. Will Seth be a convert to the cock thanks to Darren's skilled topping? Watch and find out for yourself if Seth loves it or hates it

  • Bobby & Darren 08-13-2011

    The ever popular Bobby and Darren are in bed together. Find out why Bobby has short hair and see who fucks whom in this ultra hot scene!

  • Darren & Mark 06-30-2011

    Shy boy Mark is back, along with Darren. Today, Mark sucks cock for the first time while Darren tops, also for the first time. Will Mark be a convert to the cock?

  • Bukkake 06-06-2011

    BSB has never seen this done before! It's exciting! It's different! It's sexy and hot! It's... something you will have to watch right to the very end!

  • Josh, Jeremy, & Darren 05-26-2011

    Josh, Jeremy and Darren are here to jerk off with each other. However, they are soon convinced to add oral to the menu but watch who pitches a fit and walks out mid blowjob!

  • Bobby & Darren 05-12-2011

    Bobby and Darren do something a little different on BSB. Can you guess what they do that totally blows Bobby's mind?

  • Matt & Darren 05-02-2011

    Darren proves to be a natural born cocksucker, then one of these boys gets fucked, who is it going to be?

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  • kingbill on 06/11/2018

    Darren would be the perfect man for me. He's hot, sensual & aggressive all in one! Darren, may life give you everything it has to offer.

    • chatterbox2018 on 05/19/2018

      Uninhibited, Sexy, Skilled!!! Hot in every way from dom top to sub power bottom. Just plain perfect straight boy made ineo a gay porn actor. Hope he still has it.

      • studejack61 on 01/09/2015

        A tete-a-tete with Tate would be a treat.

        • Carolinaguy321 on 11/10/2014

          Darren is no where near straight

          • anonymous on 07/24/2013

            Darren is awesome at topping! He's perfect

            • Bob1997 on 03/17/2013

              Darren is HOT, would love to have him suck my cock

              • jorgito on 11/26/2012

                Put DARREN with ZANE TATE please!!!!!!!! Zane fucket Darren


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