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Amone And Darron Before The Fuck SessionAdd Movie to your Favorites
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Sexy, city boy Amone is paired up with country Darron today. They think each other is good looking, but are a bit more humble when asked about themselves. Their self-esteem could be improved, and perhaps they can help each other out. Members, too, can help by commenting below and telling Amone how hot he is!

They have more in common than just their good looks, they are also the go-to-guys for when their friends are having hard days. Darron, especially, is known as 'that guy' that everyone goes to with their problems. Amone's problem today? He needs to nut and needs a good, tight ass to fuck. As always, Darron is a willing participant and Amone knows it. He even suggests that maybe next time he would even be willing to switch.

Broke Straight Boys is the place to be if you're going to bottom for the first time. Amone may be convinced yet. His nice big dick makes an appearance before the camera turns off and the boys get ready for some give and take.

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