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Darron Goes Deep As Fuck In Liams Tight Hole

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Darron Bluu, Liam Addison

His tongue runs up Liam's neck in a way that makes this straight boy breath heavily. In return, Liam plays with Darron's cock through his underwear, hardening it with anticipation. To the nipples, Darron plays further south on Liam's body, before his hands and mouth reach his dick.

Liam's eyes roll back as he takes gulps of air between Darron's deep-throating his cock, cupping his balls for control. "Oh my god, man," the straight boy moans. He gets to his knees, and gestured for Darron's turn to remove his underwear. Liam's mouth wraps Darron's thickness, and he uses his head to bob quickly, tightening around his cock.

Laying prone against the mattress, Liam's body is directed by Darron to hold still while he spreads his asscheeks and eats Liam's asshole out. He teases him, preparing his wetness to accept all of Darron's cock in one, swift motion. Which it does. Liam barely lurches when Darron immediately pounds hard into him. His moans are stifled as Darron holds Liam's chest close to his, gripping his shoulders with a wrapped-around arm.

Pushing him back towards the mattress, Darron inserts himself again. He takes what he wants, quickly fucking Liam with a hand on his throat. It's too much to bear, he orgasms without missing a second, pulling out and cumming onto Liam's ass, before gently fucking him once. Twice. Three times more. Liam's cock is ready to explode, too. being brought to the brink by Darron's cock up his ass. The fullness they both feel after emptying such cum from thier balls is the highest compliment in the defiance of nature.

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