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Bruce Garcia, Samual Hayes, Darron Bluu Earn Three Way Pay

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Erotic Exposure When Fully Naked Broke Straight Boys Bruce Garcia, Samual Hayes, and Darron Bluu Reveal Everything About Their Group Sex Experience.

The interview begins with fully nude boys Samual Hayes, Darron Bluu, And Bruce Garcia sitting on the futon answering questions about their recent group sex scene. The director congratulates them on a job well done and asks Samual how his first three-way was. Samual explains that the experience was actually very hot. Their bodies are completely exposed during the entire interview, revealing every curve and contour of their unique physiques. Each one of them had their own charms and attributes that made them stand out from the rest, but when they came together as a team, they created something truly sexy.

The director gives special accolades to Bruce for his incredible cum shot. They answer the director's questions and each share their own personal experiences with perspectives on what it was like to take part in such an intense passionate sexual encounter. The director comments on how much cum was presented during the shoot, explaining that Samual really got creamed by the other two guys. Despite any initial nerves or awkwardness that they might have experienced, these boys quickly fell into a comfortable rhythm together. Overall Samual says the rim job sensations from Darron were absolutely perfect.

The director jokes about Darron whimpering and moaning and explaining that it was all consensual. For their fantastic performance each guy earns a whopping $1,800 to fund their future endeavors. Darron plans to pay off vehicle payments. Bruce intends to use his payment on rent and bills. Samual is gonna save up and enjoy a vacation. The interview wraps up with the director thanking the broke straight boys for their thrilling performance.

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