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Nico Fucks Darron Bringing The Demons Out Of Both Of Them

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Darron Bluu, Nico Max

Two of the sexiest guys around make out in just their underwear, the gold chain around Nico's neck shimmering as Darron kisses him back. His cock is rock hard underneath his bright orange underwear, and he motions Nico's head towards it gently. His cock is impatient as it waits for Nico to remove the fabric and set it free. Soon, Darron's cock is bare and his balls are resting in Nico's hand. He plays with Darron, kissing his lips then the tip of his penis.

Sliding the entire cock into the mouth is Nico's specialty. He takes Darron's huge cock in the throat, choking in the pleasure of it. Dominating his bed partner, Darron grips onto his curly brown hair and shoves Nico's head onto his dick over and over again. He needs his cock covered in spit. His mouth is wet, kissing Darron, Nico takes his cock out and guides Darron's head towards it, just as he had done to him.

Grabbing the back of his head, Nico pushes Darron's throat full of his cock. He takes a deep breath while Darron can't, choking on the thick shaft. Nico lays down and shoves Darron onto him again, before kissing him again passionately. These domineering titans can both dominate the bedroom, so when Nico turns Darron over, he has to use extra strength to get Darron to his hands and knees. The winner spreads Darron's cheeks wide and eats his ass, making him wet and prepared to take his huge cock.

Easily sliding inside him, Nico's huge cock fills Darron's hole and he thrusts into him. Darron moans every time he is full of dick, Nico breathes at the same time. The symphony they create when Nico mounts Darron again fills the air. His balls slap against Darron's ass. When Darron turns over to his back, Nico slides back inside of him an he grabs his own shaft to manage the extreme pulse of pleasure.

His legs wrap over Nico's shoulders while Darron's ass is filled with the raw cock. Darron loves the feeling of being full, as he releases his entire load onto his stomach. Nico continues until he, too, mixes his white cream with Darron's. The two titans bring themselves to the edge and then pushing each other over into ecstasy.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Nico Max and Darron Bluu.

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