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Darron And Ashton Before The Scene

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Ashton and Darron start off the new year with a bang, returning for this new combination of grounded and sexy.

Ashton and his pornstar girlfriend, Amber Moore, are looking for a new place and need that down-payment money. With the goals of having his own studio, Ashton is well on his way to making a name for himself as he returns to fuck with Broke Straight Boys. Followers of Darron Blue on Twitter will know that he has been dealing with a frustrating car theft, which is why he is back in need of more money.

Since both Darron and Ashton have topped and bottomed on BSB, the members are going to enjoy a flip-flop show from the tight-bodied boys. Not only do we get to see them shirtless, get a sneak peek as some ass and dick before the big scene!

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