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Diesal Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.5 (196cm)
  • Weight: 200 (91 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 8.5 (22cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.55/5

In his own words:

"I like blondes with big tits."

Our comments:

"Diesel is a towering 6'5", 200 lbs, white, and a jock who calls Chicago home."

Producer comments:

"Diesal is a great performer, he loves the camera. You will love him too! "

  • Nobody Wants His Massive Cock

    Diesal and Aaron continue Eric's porn education. First Aaron gets to fuck Eric's ass, then Diesal gets to really fuck him!

  • Eric Gets His Cherry Popped By Huge Dick

    Eric gets his cherry popped by Diesal's huge cock. These boys do some interesting things while fucking so watch and find out for yourself.

  • Straight Boys Don't Want To Take A Dick

    Diesal and Aaron continue Eric's education in how to be a porn star in this exciting oral scene. See how Eric handles both Aaron and Diesal!

  • I Can't Pay For School Gotta Do Gay Porn

    Aaron is a special guest from Broke College Boys and is in the studio with Diesal to do some oral. Watch how Aaron handles Gigantor for the first time!

  • Big Cock Diesal To The Rescue

    Diesal teaches John how it feels to have a giant cock up his ass. Watch until the very end when you get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of a BSB shoot and see for yourself that when even things go wrong.

  • Don't Worry Straight Boy I'll Show You

    John is taught how to suck cock like a pro by Diesal and Corey. See how John and Corey cope with Gigantor!

  • Let's All Cum On This Picture Of A Girl

    Braden , Diesal and Mike R are on the futon today in an extra hot oral scene. Watch as the boys compete to see who can drench a picture in cum

  • I'd Rather Fuck Guys Than Work Mcdonalds

    Ashton is fucked by both Diesal and Mike R. Watch Ashton ride Mike like a rodeo champ while swallowing down Gigantor!

  • I'm Straight But Like Fucking A Guys Ass

    Two of our most popular models, Diesal and Ashton, get together for some futon fun. Watch Diesal fuck Ashton to within an inch of his life!

  • I Didn't Want To Suck My Buddy

    Braden and Diesal get together on the futon and show each other how much they have learnt at the Broke Straight Boy's cock sucking academy.

  • Bottoming Doesn't Feel Natural

    Diesal has bottomed once. I asked him why he doesn't want to again and it said it just doesn't feel natural. We all have a good laugh about a turd being stuck or going in and out. Oh these guys lol.

  • 2010 Long Beach Pride

    Long Beach Pride is one of the largest events of the year for us. Diesal and Austin had a great time meeting all of the SoCal fans. We had a wonderful drag hostess that took us on a cruise the last night we were in town.

  • 4 Hot Studs All Do Oral Orgy

    Shane, Diesal, Josh and Mike show off their impressive oral skills and stamina in this extra hot oral orgy. Let's the cock sucking begin.

  • Two Jocks Get Off & Get Paid

    Two BSB favourites, Mike R and Diesal, are in this very hot oral scene. Watch it to see them get their rocks off!

  • 2010 Pittsburgh Pride

    Austin and Diesal at the 2010 Pittsburgh Pride.

  • We Survived Bottoming In Gay Porn

    These boys both did anal last time they were here and both survived. They are back again to do some oral because they are broke of course.

  • 2010 Denver Pride

    The boys are at the 2010 Denver Pride.

  • Work With Diesal To Get Jc Fucked

    JC and Diesal are at a hotel pool. I work with Diesal so we can get JC to do a gay scene with him. See what happens with JC and if I'm able to get him to do anything.

  • 2010 San Diego Pride

    This was our first year at San Diego Pride and it certainly wont be our last. Diesal, Austin and Aiden were a big hit at this event. San Diego spares no expense for their pride.

  • Member Pays To Do Scene With Guys

    Dylan is a member and wanted to do a scene with Diesal and Kevin. I set this up to make it happen. See how these guys react.

  • 2010 St Louis Pride

    St Louis Pride is one of our favorites and this year was no exception. After a day at the STL Zoo, Austin and Diesal spent two fun filled days at Tower Grove Park where we were the only adult vendor in site.

  • Who Bottoms?  Rock, Paper, Scissors

    I bring back these two studs and one of them is going to bottom. They play the game rock, paper, scissors to decide who is going to take a dick in the ass.

  • You Guys Gotta Kiss & Suck Cock

    Two incredibly hot broke straight boys get together in this scene. I tell them for $800 they need to kiss and suck each others cock. See how it goes.

  • 2010 Gay Days Orlando

    You never know what you are going to find at the Parliament House and Diesal and Mike were quite surprised when they arrived because it was their first time. It didnt take the two boys long before they were partying it up and making sure that everyone had

  • 2010 Phoenix Pride

    This was probably one of the most entertaining pride events so far this year. In addition to our regular crew we were also joined by some of the BSB staff at the booth.

  • I Do Gay Porn To Support My Kids

    Ty is straight with a girlfriend and 2 kids. He has a job but just not making enough so he saw our ad and decided to come in and do a scene with another dude.

  • I Got Paid $600 To Suck Some Dick

    Diesal and Chasen are back in the studio. I ask them some questions about living straight lives and doing gay porn. Interesting answers. These guys are huge with size 14 shoes and big cocks.

  • Guess Who Goes To Titty Bars?

    Chasen is back and I asked him what he does with the money he makes here and he told me he goes to titty bars with it. I put him in a scene with Diesal.

  • Straight Diesal Still Won't Bottom

    I'm still getting Jimmy to bottom. He still refuses but give me some time. I will get it to do it sooner or later.

  • 2010 Party At Johnnys Ft Lauderdale

    If you are ever in Ft Lauderdale then make sure you stop by Johnnys for a drink. As you can see from the pictures, Diesal and Mike had an amazing two nights. We think the pictures tell a pretty good story of just how much fun the really had.

  • Straight Guy Tries To Suck 2 Dicks

    Mike really doesn't want to bottom so I get Jimmy to bottom instead. I always hear the same excuse that it hurts. Some straight guys like to bottom because it's less work.

  • Straight Clean Cut Jock Gets Fucked

    Danny reminds me of a straight jock. He has never been fucked but I am going to try to change all that today. I bring in Dustin and Diesal to help out.

  • Straight Guys Fucking For Dollars

    Diesal and Drew are back again but this time one of these guys is going to get a cock in their ass. Which one will it be?

  • I've Experimented With Some Guys

    Diesal spent all his money partying. We bring him back to help a straight guy who's name is Drew. Drew has experimented with guys a little bit. See what happens.

  • Convince Straight Diesal To Bottom

    After many months of trying to get Diesal to bottom he finally agrees to do it. This is a scene you don't want to miss.

  • My Girl Doesn't Know I'm Here Pt 2

    Diesal is back with Jimmy. Diesal's girlfriend has no idea he is doing gay porn in addition to working 2 jobs. In this scene one of these boys is getting fucked.

  • My Girlfriend Doesn't Know I'm Here

    Diesel and Jim are in this oral scene to make some money. This is Part 1 of 4. These guys will be back and someone will get fucked.

  • Gay Porn Star Diesals Interview

    Check out gay porn star Diesals in this exclusive interview.

  • Straight Guys Ease Into It

    Jason wanted some more work in the hopes that maybe he could get ahead of the bills that he had stacking up. I told him that we would need him to do some more with guys, and he seemed to be okay with that considering that he was so broke.

  • Straight Bois Taking It Slow

    Danny and Diesel came back for some more work, and this time it was to work with a new guy Jason. Jason is 20 years old, straight, and going to school to be a law major.

  • Diesal Puts His Cock In Dannys Hole

    Danny and Diesel are back. These guys need money bad and something is getting fucked hard. Danny has become one of our most popular models. Check out this shoot to see how broke Danny & Diesel are.

  • Broke Straight Boy Orgy

    It's no lie that when you get a group of straight boys together in one room and they know they have to suck and fuck to make their cash, it could lead to some interesting moments on camera.

  • Breeder Boy Orgy Who Gets Fucked?

    Ethan and Diesel did such a great job in the last shoot that they were in that I wanted to bring them back in for another shoot with a surprise. See what these straight boys do to make more money.

  • Arm Wrestling Match Decides Bottom

    Diesel has decided to stick around a little bit longer. Both Mike & Diesel don't really want to be the one to get fucked, so the two decide to settle this little dilemma with an arm-wrestling match...

  • Str8 Boy 3some To Pay The Bills

    Diesel and Ethan came back to have more gay sex for money. I had told them that I wanted to see more than what they had done last time if they wanted to make more money.

  • Straight Blonde Beach Guy Sucks It

    I had Diesel come back for another shoot and this time we had planned on going down to the beach since the studio is only a few short blocks away. While there, we were able to convince a blonde-hair beach boy to come back to the studio with us...

  • Hot Breeder Diesal Jerks Off & Cums

    Today we introduce you to Diesel and start things off with a solo shoot to help ease him into what's to come. Check him out! Diesel is 19 years old, and came to us from our local ad in the newspaper for models. He was in some desperate need of money.

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  • anonymous on 06/23/2024

    Vin is on College Boy Physicals and fingered the doctor. I lost it and watched that video many time wishing I could trade places with the doctor. I later saw a follow up on Diesal on YouTube and they talked about him being straight and now a father. Something hot straight guys exploring or being open to experience another dude does it for me.

    • anonymous on 08/12/2021

      Same here. Diesal is one of the hottest guys on the site! haha

      • Drewllan on 06/18/2021

        I love diesel I wish he would come back

        • gYgZUbXr677r on 12/22/2019

          I love Diesal! Hairy hunk. He can do anything he wants to me.

          • tatman21 on 03/27/2019

            give Diesel a call!

            • mlwmacon on 02/27/2019

              one of the first guys I saw on BSB way back in the day......What ever happened to old Diesal?

              • bsb4hizua1 on 09/08/2018

                Like most I have always loved watching Diesal do his thing. I was shocked to discover, however that his rating is just below 4.0, so I decided to take another look at some of his more popular scenes. I now see that he had a problem getting and maintaining a rock hard erection, which is paramount.. That being said I would still rank him in the top ten percent of Broke Straight Boy models, due mostly to his outgoing personality and ability to convince me at least that he was happy to be here and not just for the money. I too would like to see him return one day, or at the very least some sort of update on how he is doing and maybe why he left the business....

                • Sampiro on 10/11/2017

                  Number one on my list of guys I'd love to see return. I'd give a pretty penny to see him fuck Chris Taylor and Oliver Saxon. Even more to see him service Graham Brady from back in the day.

                  • daveg01 on 10/16/2016

                    can we brind Diesal back for a few episods along with jimmy guy the first guy yo fuck him, I think this would make a good reunion

                    • ResidentEvil7 on 05/27/2016

                      Damn that is one HOT young guy! The porn world needs more of him.