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Izzy Fucks Darron Raw While Sucking On His Toes

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Darron Bluu, Izzy Danger

“You wanna suck some dick?” Izzy says to Darron as they walk in the room. Darron is a little hesitant at first, but Izzy can be very persuasive. Before he can change his mind, Darron buries his face in Izzy’s cock and gets to work. He sucks Izzy’s dick nice and slow, cupping his balls and making him moan. Izzy loves getting deepthroated, but when he feels Darron’s hard cock, he gets on his knees and shows off his oral skills too. Darron is both fascinated and wildly turned on watching Izzy keep his dick in his mouth.

Izzy goes to eat Darron’s ass, a sensation that Darron is new to, but really enjoys it. “You like that?” Izzy asks, to which Darron smiles and nods his head. It doesn’t take long before Izzy wants to fuck, and he does not hold back. He slides into Darron’s ass from behind and starts pounding him hard. Darron lies face down, moaning hard while Izzy slaps his ass and fucks him deeper. They continue the fun when Darron gets on his back and takes it some more. A few more thrusts and lead Izzy to cum hard on Darron’s chest, and Darron busting a thick load on himself. They swap cum and kiss.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Izzy Danger and Darron Bluu.

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