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Kade Takes Control And Fucks Darrons Tight Hole

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Darron Bluu, Kade Kadence

Kissing Kade's chest, Darron starts him off with simple enticement. He moves his lips down to his nipples, then his stomach, following his happy trail to his cock. Being the tease he is, Darron lightly bites Kade's bulge through his underwear before pulling the fabric down and sucking the tip of his cock. Gently and deliberately, he takes it down his throat.

Darron chokes himself with Kade's cock, fucking his own throat with the newbie's manliness. The veteran cock-sucker bobs his head faster, then asks if Kade wants to try his. "I'd love to try it," he responds. Before long, the willing gay-for-pay model has a mouth full of dick, Darron lightly pumping his hips to encourage Kade to take more. Stroking his own cock, Kade continues to caress Darron's erection in subtle movements.

"Do you want to rim my ass?" Darron prods. "Not really," responds the straight boy. With enough coaxing, he agrees and Darron hops to all fours and Kade spreads his cheeks wide. It must remind him enough of eating pussy, or Kade is more fluid than he originally thought. Either way, he digs in and slaps ass like the best of them.

His cock enters Darron's tight ass without hesitation, with a left hand around Darron's throat and the right pushing on his lower back. Kade takes what he wants - a warm hole for his cock to pump full of cum. He changes his grip to hold on tighter, and quickly fucks the moaning Darron like a straight boy does - hard and fast. Turning him around, Kade grips Darron's neck again, his kink sides peeking out from the shadows.

Feeling the hard cock up his ass, Darron pumps his own cock until he blows a load onto himself as far up as his nipples. Kade keeps fucking him, not done with Darron's ass yet. Until he's ready to cum, when he grabs Darron's hair to make sure he watches as hot cream spills out of Kade's cock. This gay-for-pay boy's debut started his signature as a dominating top who can fuck!

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