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Ricky And Darron Before The Scene

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Ricky's first time getting cock up her ass, Darron is going to go slow and easy on him. He's 21 years old and and in the studio for the very first time, while Darron is back and went with a friend on a gay cruise and had a great time in the Greek islands. Ricky Bobby is bottoming today, even though it's his first time on screen. But he's in good hands with Darron's firm but gentle cock.

In his expert opinion, Darron recommends Ricky sit on his cock to have the ultimate control and take it as easy as he needs. Both of them are good at sucking cock, so that will be exciting to see. Ricky has never been rimmed, but knew what he was in for. If they do a good job sucking and fucking, their payout will match.

Darron's dick is half hard and still huge. Ricky is in for a BIG treat when it's fully erect and ready to fuck. Ricky's ass is small and tight, and Darron is going to enjoy spreading him out and filling him up.

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