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Taking Cowboys Big Dick In His Tight Hole

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Elliot Dahl , Darron Bluu

Darron and Elliot are very different, and their differences are what lead to some naughty ideas. One thing they do have in common is that they are horny and ready to play. Elliot starts things off by sucking Darron’s dick. He knows he’s good at it, and Darron’s moaning confirms what is true. Darron loves the feeling of getting his dick sucked, and wants to try his hand at it by switching off and putting his mouth on Elliot’s dick. Elliot is impressed at the straight guys oral skills, giving him affirmative responses in the form of throwing his head back in pleasure.

Darron then dives his head into Elliot’s ass and begins eating him out. He gets Elliot to shake while his tongue is in his hole. Then he guides his dick in Elliot’s hole and begins pounding him doggy style. He thrusts hard in Elliot’s ass. Elliot loves taking it deep on his knees. After Darron shows how hard he can pound him, Elliot gets on his back and takes Darron’s dick some more. He gets fucked rough by Darron, until he sees him pull out and feels each drop of Darron’s load landing onto him. That gets Elliot to cum hard, and the two end with a kiss.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Darron Bluu and Elliot Dahl.

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