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When Connor Fucks Darron Things Get Hot & Heavy

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Connor Taylor, Darron Bluu

The two make out on the bed, Darron shirtless with his baseball cap, and Connor clad in nothing but bright blue underwear. Connor plays lightly with Darron's nipples, touching and licking them attentively before Darron flips his hat backwards and does to same to Connor's. Tent pitched, the two remove their underwear and Connor lays his mouth on Darron's huge cock. He grabs his hair and breathes deep as Connor's mouth envelopes Darron's dick. Laughing at the sheer enjoyment of such a large penis, Connor kisses Darron again.

Connor chokes himself with Darron's cock before Darron takes his turn giving Connor the pleasure of his wet lips. A glimpse of Connor's dominating side - he hungrily pushes Darron's head onto his cock and holds him there until he's desperate to come up for air. Darron continues to play with his own erection while pumping Connor's into his throat.

Ready to take control, Connor asks Darron to his knees, bending forward and licking his asshole. The redhead enjoys every inch of Darron's crevice as he prepares to own his ass. First with his fingers, loosening him up, and then with his huge cock. Slowly entering Darron, Connor's deep breath counters Darron's tight gasps and moans. Immediately pacing to pound him hard, Connor mounts Darron with his masculine energy deep inside him.

The hat sits askew from the aggressive fuck Darron receives, moaning in pleasure as the thick cock demands its place. Especially as he lies on his back, Darron's intense feeling grows, Connor's hand gripped around his throat, his cock pulsating inside his asshole. Darron tugs at his own erection, pleasing himself as he pleases Connor - building himself to a white cum explosion all over his chest and stomach when Connor demands him to cum for him.

Satisfied with his submissive's response to demands, Connor pulls out his cock and brings himself to orgasm onto Darron's stomach as well, dripping cum and enjoying the sweet release of control.

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