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Sterling Fucks Darron's Tight Hole Raw

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Sterling J, Darron Bluu

The two blondes are ready to play. The main question is whether Darron is ready to take it up the ass. Sterling starts undressing him as they ease in to the fun, then Sterling tries his oral skills out on Darron. He puts Darron’s dick in his mouth and goes as far as he can, which really gets Darron in the mood. Darron does the same for Sterling and strips him naked while sucking his cock. He shows Sterling how it’s done by deepthroating him, and that gets Sterling ready to give it to him hard.

As Sterling eases his cock into Darron from behind, Darron can definitely feel it. “You alright there?” Sterling asks when his cock is all the way inside him. Darron relaxes more and gets pounded doggy style. The hot blonde isn’t used to taking dick, but he’s certainly taking it today. Sterling flips him onto his back and continues fucking him. Darron’s moans are so loud that Sterling covers his mouth and slamming into him, which sends him over the edge and he shoots a warm load all over Darron. Then Darron strokes until his cum leaks onto his abs.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Darron Bluu and Sterling J.

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