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Logan Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 165 (75 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 8.0 (20cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.57/5

In his own words:

"I get paid to do this?"

Our comments:

"Insider scoop: Logan was a frat boy, and gets called FISH. He told me FISH stands for Freshly Initiated Shit Head. "

Producer comments:

"Turning over to Logan, he said that he has been with 9 girls, since his first experience at 15."

  • 2011 Chicago Market Days With Logan

    Check out Logan who was at the 2011 Chicago Market Days and gave us an interview.

  • Hot Straight Jocks Suck Each Other

    Shane told me he has a lot of fans in Germany and overseas a lot. Both these hot jock get recognized while they are out in public. See what I get these two studs to do.

  • Straight Frat Boy & Latin Guy Suck

    Logan the frat boy jock is going to teach Ricky the latin sensation how the broke straight boys get paid.

  • Straight Boy Fucking Ass Contest

    I put these three hot boys together but made it into a contest. Whoever fucks Ricky the best gets 1,500 and if Ricky can take the cock and cum with a cock inside him he gets 1,800. If anyone loses they get nothing.

  • Logan Helps Country Boy Get Off

    Logan is in this scene to help warm up new Broke Straight Boy Dustin. Logan looks amazing as usual. He is here to help another straight guy do a jackoff scene.

  • My Ass Says Practice Makes Perfect

    Holden is back but he did listen to my advice and had his girlfriend use a dildo on him. So I think him getting fucked today will go a little smoother.

  • Str8 School Buds Give Oral Support

    Logan and Jay are back and this time they are here to give some oral support to Holden. Holden has never had his dick sucked by another guy. Let's see how this goes.

  • Fan Of Logan Reconizes Him & Joins

    Logan gets recognized at school by this guy named Fernando. Fernando didn't believe Logan was on BSB so he decided to apply to model and what do you know now he's in a scene with Logan.

  • Alabama Friends Gotta Do Gay Porn

    Jay and Holden are friends from Alabama. We bring in Logan and have them all jerk off together because we need to ease in with Holden. Holden got his girlfriend pregnant so he is broke.

  • Straight Boy Logan Cherry Popping

    In this scene hot boy Logan bottoms for the first time. The lucky straight boy to fuck him is Tyler Evans. CJ is also in this scene and will be getting some dick too.

  • Straight Guys Do A Train Suckoff

    Logan, CJ and Shane are in this hot 3 some. Can you guess which of these boys is going to get fucked?

  • Logan Is Happy To Top & Not Bottom

    Hottie Logan is back and I'm breaking the bank because someone is getting fucked this time. Find out who it is.

  • Logan Is A Straight & Hot Frat Boy

    Hotties Logan and Jay are back and this time they are with David. Logan says he wants more money so we pay him more money to fuck Jay.

  • Blew Radiator Blows Guy To Pay It

    Logan is back and this time he is with hottie CJ. CJ blew his transmission on his car so now he's gotta blow Logan to pay for it.

  • Bait With Girls & Switch To Guys

    I invited Logan to come back to do another shoot but I told him a girl would be blowing him. Needless to say there wasn't any girls in this scene.

  • Straight Dorm Jocks Jerk Off

    These guys are dorm buddies and are broke. Logan's transmission just broke so he is in desperate need of money. Jay has some speeding tickets he needs to pay.

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  • SoxnSneaks on 03/22/2024

    Damn. Just discovered Logan today and I must admit he is just about my ideal of perfection -- a beautiful boy (bet he's an even more beautiful man) with a perfect dick. Admittedly, I wish he had been more open to experimenting with anal, but I am not complaining. I loved each of his scenes. I only wish I could have entered the bidding for his underwear.

    • Tillybaby on 05/07/2023

      Logan had a fantastic body, attitude and was just a fantastic model. It would be so nice, to see what he looks like now in 2023. Unfortunately, some of the guys with the fantastic bodies, after ten or so years ends up with not a positive ending. But in the case of Logan, regardless of his body, I think in life, he will do well. Just a fantastic model and guy. There are some models that are just fantastic, but Logan in my opinion, took that whole process to a much higher level,. I doubt, if there will ever be another model that can exactly replace him. How I would love to meet him in person, even to have lunch, what an honor that would be. Logan was one of the finest examples of models that Broke Straight Boys ever had. Not to demean any others, but I have to admit, they do have some very outstanding models. Just would again, love to see what they look like now, and what they have become in their life. I remember my high school reunion after 15 years. The awesome hunks in the class at graduation was awesome, but at the reunion, it was more like a hospital ward than a reunion. A good description would be a bad dream you had that you wish, you did not have.

      • hectorbriefs on 05/14/2022

        Where's Logan's solo scene that both the director and David mentioned in Logan and David?

        • mardigrasboy2 on 07/09/2021

          Watching straight frat boy Logan get his anal cherry popped by Tyler, who then fucked Logan's virgin ass, was so hot! Only on BSB!

          • hectorbriefs on 04/19/2021

            Definitely my favorite that Logan. And he wears white briefs perfect. Logan and Tyler should of done a scene together without CJ. Love CJ too

            • takeone on 08/28/2019

              Logan, I hope you never lose that fantastic positive attitude. That all your hard work in school and work has been fruitful. May your journey in life be even more beautiful and successful. I love everything about you. you were so really.

              • joejohn18 on 07/28/2019

                I want to taste Logan ????

                • HRNDG4U on 03/29/2019

                  I am willing to bet that Logan is sizzling H-O-T, even at 28 years old! I wonder if from time to time he enjoys a romp in the sack with another hot and sexy guy? Both Tyler and Logan have been my favorites on BSB. Bobby has come back and even Mikey...Tyler please come back! Logan,, you're missed too!

                  • shortiegaboe on 07/12/2015

                    There is something about Logan that screams HOT and SEXY. He has that confidence and smile that is incredible. It would be amaze balls to see him back again, but if nothing else, maybe just an update, what he's doing now would be sexy.

                    • tyler25il on 02/15/2015

                      Logan is doing well but is done with the porn industry for good

                      • skye93 on 06/06/2015

                        how do you know?