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Spencer Todd Add to Favorites
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 165 (75 kg)
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.5/5

In his own words:

"Just doing this to get money to help the family. That's a legit reason, right bro?"

Our comments:

"Spencer has ripped, hot, body that has a cock to match. "

Producer comments:

"I was hoping he would offer me head for fifty bucks."

  • Spencer Todd Revealed 02-08-2014

    Get to know BSB veteran Spencer Todd and discover where he grew up, his response to being bashed by the gay community, how he really feels about gays. Also, what he learned in the studio that helped him in his own bedroom!

  • Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd 01-17-2014

    Spencer Todd takes a ride on Vinnie Steel's hard meat. The Red Rocket isn't used to being a bottom, and his moans fill the studio. Vinnie's rod fills up Spencer's hole, hitting the bottom's sweet spot. When it ends, Spencer's torso is drenched with jizz!

  • Spencer, Sonny & Damien 01-01-2014

    Spencer and Sonny fill up Damien's two holes! First the pass around bottom gets his sweet mouth used. Then Spencer fills up Damien tight ass. Damien's mouth gets no rest because Sonny keeps it filled with meat. When it ends, Damien gets a taste of jizz!

  • Spencer Todd Fucks Brandon Beal 12-11-2013

    Brandon Beal's hot ass gets opened up by Spencer Todd's tool! Once the "Red Rocket" gets his tool in that sweet man hole, the strokes are balls deep. Brandon holds on, taking the meat filling. At the end, Spencer's load coats Brandon's tasty butt cheeks.

  • Spencer Todd Fucks Ian Dempsey 11-22-2013

    Spencer "Red Rocket" Todd returns to give Ian Dempsey a good fucking! Before the pounding starts, the studs make out. When Ian assumes the position, Spencer fucks balls deep. Watch for the end because Ian's face gets slathered with juicy jizz!

  • Spencer Todd & Trey Evans 10-27-2012

    In today's amazing update, Spencer "Red Rocket" Todd has his way with Trey Evans. He makes sure the bottom boy feels all of his ginger sausage. The ending will take your breath away. Won't spoil it, but here are some hints: a condom filled with cum!

  • Spencer Todd & Anthony 09-13-2012

    What happens when top stud Spencer "Red Rocket" Todd meets our favorite bottom boy Anthony? The juice and sparks fly! Spencer rides Anthony, making sure his hot rod leaves a permanent mark. Wait until the end to see what Anthony greedily swallows.

  • Spencer Todd & Johnny Forza 08-27-2012

    Each time Johnny Forza films with BSB, he insists he's done. However, he always returns to cross more boundaries. Today Spencer Todd will place his red rocket in Johnny's picture perfect mouth.

  • Zane Tate & Spencer Todd 08-04-2012

    Spencer Todd has shown little mercy to those who bottomed for him. Today Zane Tate will bust Spencer's cherry, giving the Red Rocket a taste of his own medicine.

  • Spencer Todd & Denver Grand 07-21-2012

    Reliable, and hot, performers Denver Grand and Spencer Todd are paired this weekend. Spencer is in the mood for man tail, and Denver offers his for as much filling as possible.

  • Spencer Todd & Kodi 06-30-2012

    Kodi and Spencer take the time to show us their aggressive and nasty sides. Spencer plays the all consuming top and Kodi takes the role of the pass around bottom. Neither one disappoints!

  • 2012 Denver Pride 06-28-2012

    Broke Straight Boys Denver Grand, Spencer Todd, Kodi, Jason, Chad and Rob Ryder are in Colorado for the 2012 Denver Pride.

  • Spencer Todd & Seth 05-24-2012

    Spencer comes back to see what male tail feels like. Seth willingly offers up his goodies --- as if we had to twist his arm!

  • Spencer Todd Dildo 05-17-2012

    Spencer Todd is back!! Wait to you see what he is willing to do in this update.

  • Brandon, Spencer, & Zane 05-03-2012

    Brandon, Spencer and Zane discover the taste of cock, not to mention, the joys of snogging other guys. Watch as all three boys have their horizon's broadened!

  • Jason & Spencer Todd 03-22-2012

    Jason introduces Spencer into 'gay for pay' sex, however, Spencer is a hard nut to crack. Watch as Jason pulls out all the stops in helping Spencer find his happy finish.

  • Spencer Todd 03-12-2012

    Spencer Todd is the new boy in town and he shows off a body that has a cock to match. Watch as he does a little self pleasuring in an effort to pay the bills!

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  • bsb48azwwc on 05/12/2017

    Gosh. He's so handsome. And that cock was amazing inside my hole. You wont be sorry. Im glad i sat on it very well.

    • keith765in on 09/03/2015

      I love Spencer Todd's Sexy Red Hair. Need More Gingers.

      • anonymous on 07/09/2015

        More GINGER Please

        • eatitall123 on 12/03/2014

          Is he working for a different studio now?

          • collie on 09/25/2014

            Hope he comes back and bottoms again.

            • anonymous on 09/16/2014

              Hope he comes back doing another bottoming scene or a creampie scene. He is so HOT!!

              • aldofroscio1 on 07/02/2014

                Only thing I have found on BSB that turns me on.He needs to graduate to a real studio before he's too old.

                • arthurvandelay on 02/02/2014

                  when can we see spencer cum inside a boy's ass? i'll pay top dollar for a special video - name your price spencer

                  • mrmike911 on 10/19/2013

                    Nothing beats a Hot, Hard Ginger Boi, this guy is stunning !!! :) Thanks Spencer for getting me off repeatedly Boi...

                    • bostonjock85 on 09/14/2013

                      Dude is awesome!!!


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