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Chris Star Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 150
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 9.0 (23cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.36/5

In his own words:

"I have a very positive outlook on life and always plan ahead and make sure I have the education and the knowledge to get on with life"

Our comments:

"He is a very happy go lucky guy, with a great sense of humor and will to learn new stuff."

  • Nude Trio Gives Candid Sex Confessions

    Unfiltered and uncensored, the boys discuss erotic encounters. Beautiful bodies with brazen behavior, go inside life as a gay porn star. Naked ambition leads to ultimate payday for Andrew, Chris, and Calvin. Enjoy hot exposed tales from behind the set.

  • Sexy Group Chris And Calvin Bang Andrew

    Hung stud Chris Star joins Calvin Michaels and Andrew Kahn for a bareback threesome. Enjoy hard fucking between three handsome men. Cock sandwich chronicles continue when hairy bottom gets spit roasted bareback by hot horny duo. Catch the group action.

  • Broke Trio Chris, Andrew, Calvin Discuss

    Three broke young men get ready to explore their sexuality in raunchy group sex scene. Big payday for getting fucked on cam, hot boys know how to make money! Futon fuck fest, three horny guys Vhris Star, Andrew Kahn, and Calvin Michaels prepare to perform.

  • Chris Star Cleans Cum Off Andrew Kahn

    Chris Star and Andrew Kahn share all the juicy details from their steamy anal sex scene in this exclusive interview. From instant noodles to bottoming, go inside the lives of two rising gay porn stars! New dad and horny college student get paid for sex.

  • Horny Chris Tops Rugged Boy Andrew

    Sweat, grunts, and moans fill the room when Chris Star gives Andrew Kahn a good stuffing. Raw and unprotected, two boys go bareback. Watch big dick top feed his cock deep inside hairy tight bottom. Hole rimming and ass pounding leads to a sticky finish.

  • Chris Star Meets Andrew Kahn's Hairy Ass

    Sexy studs ready themselves for a night of raunchy fun, watch the interview now! Lose yourself in pubic hair. See what happens after hot guys Chris Star and Andrew Kahn get naked together. Nervous newcomer preps for first time taking dick up his ass.

  • After Cum Facial Boys Get Paid

    Unleash your inner deviant with a naughty futon interview! Raw, racy, and revealing go behind the scenes with bare boys Chris and Calvin. Explore the passion and financial decision making that follows a raunchy performance. Two guys get paid for gay sex.

  • Tattooed Bad Boys Calvin And Chris Fuck

    Inked up hunks get raw and dirty in this intense encounter. With fists clenched tight, these rough and rugged guys bang like there is no tomorrow. Watch two studs ravage each others hard bodies bareback. See sexy bad boys explore their wild side together.

  • Calvin And Chris Tatted Twinks Takeover

    Exploring new depths, join Chris Star and Calvin Michaels as they delve into the world of rough, raw sex. New recruit connects with returning performer in a steamy interview. Tatted up twinks take on the studio! Get to know our seriously sexy inked models.

  • After The Scene Chris Blake Chase

    Chase is still sprawled out on the bed, covered in cum. Chris tries to twerk, spreading his ass to show the damage from Blake's cock.

  • Big Poles And Tight Holes

    These three sure know how to share! They take turns getting head by the other two, making sure to rotate so they all get a chance. Blowing each other and making out until Chase bends over for Blake to eat his ass while sucking Chris' dick.

  • Before The Scene Chris Blake Chase

    Today we get to know these three guys before their awesome trio together. We hope you enjoy!

  • After The Scene Amone And Chris

    Both men are exhausted after a hard, hot fuck. But the mood in the room is much lighter as Chris proclaims himself a whore and admits he got used to bottoming. They earned $1200 each which Chris plans to save and Amone is going to buy a new apartment.

  • Chris Takes On His Biggest Cock

    As nervous as he was before the scene, in this video it seems Chris is turning into quite the bottom bitch. Amone gives Chris a pro tip to squeeze his dick with his ass and from that point on it sounds like Chris is in anal heaven.

  • Before The Scene Amone And Chris

    Chris and Amone are back and Chris is a bit mopey about having to bottom again. They talk about why they don't like to bottom, but it's sometimes the reality of doing gay porn for money.

  • After The Scene Chris And Chase

    Not only is there some post-coital sniggling, but a little encore of Chris's rimming skills in this video. The boys earned some money and are ready to get paid.

  • Chris First Time Rimming

    Chris teases more than just Chase's cock when he sticks a finger and then a dick inside him. The two straight boys play hard and work hard in this naked first time rimming.

  • Before The Scene Chris And Chase

    Two very different demeanors, Chase is soft-spoken and Chris is outgoing. Both are broke and looking for the right $1200 position. A sneak peek at Chase's ass and Chris's cock is going to lay the groundwork for a major payday.

  • After The Scene Blake And Chris

    Chris took that monster like a champ and even says he could go for another video today! They both definitely earned that $1000 each.

  • Chris Takes On Blakes Huge Cock

    Watch these two go from passionate kissing and swapping blowjobs, to eating Chris' ass before fucking him deep. Blake can hardly pull out in time to finish all over Chris' smooth, hairless ass.

  • Before The Scene Blake And Chris

    These boys are all jokes today as Chris gets ready to bottom a dick he calls "monster down under." Chris shows off his smooth hole and they are both ready to see if they can make $1000 here today! Let's see if he can take that monster cock.

  • After The Scene Nico And Chris

    Chris clearly doesn't get fucked often. Today they only made $800 each but they plan to save it and they both will be back to make more next time.

  • When Nico Meets Chris It Gets Hot

    Chris and Nico get carried away in this hot session. Watch them get lost in their lust for each other as they swap sloppy blowjobs and Nico fucks Chris hard and deep.

  • Before The Scene Chris And Nico

    Chris is about to be a dad but that doesn't mean he's done with porn. Today he meets one of the youngest guys in BSB to be filmed getting fucked in his smooth hole.

  • Leo Chris Darron After The Scene

    Three sweaty, sexy and naked boys lay on the bed awaiting a well-earned dinner. The menage a trois was perhaps one of the sexiest things to come out of the studio since, well, the last one!

  • Hot Raw Threesome With Hot Boys

    A devilish threesome of three sex-crazed fuck boys. Leo is a dedicated toy for Chris and Darron's pleasure as he takes cock from all sides. The three will make you harder than ever before as they fuck their way to some well-earned cash raw.

  • Leo Chris Darron Before The Scene

    Already getting his partners hard for the next scene, Leo rubs down his co-stars as they debate which orgasms are best. Without any discussion, however, the three are ready to take their roles as bottom, versatile, and top for the threesome.

  • Darron And Chris After The Scene

    A big thank you to the member who requested such a sexy duo and naughty scene. While Chris's asshole was stretched wide, he did a fantastic job taking Darron's cock. And Darron did a great job eating his hot cream pie.

  • Darron And Chris Flip Flop Raw

    Thanks to member request, Darron and Chris get the opportunity to switch it up and fuck each other today. The two of them swap spit, cum, and cock. Members won't want to miss the two fuckboys. Be careful what you wish for - it may be too hot to handle.

  • Darron And Chris Before The Scene

    A special treat for one of Broke Straight Boys' members, veteran models Chris and Darron are in the studio together for the very first time. They tease us about the upcoming scene and educate on the paydays of models in the porn industry.

  • Leo And Chris After The Scene

    Leo's first time topping was a great success. Even though it was a bit choppy, he did a really great job and is ready to give it another try. Chris's cumshot was nice and creamy, while Leo the vegetarian's was more of a rookie style. The only thing that m

  • My First Time Topping

    Chris always gets to top, but this is going to be different. Will Leo enjoy the new arrangement? And will Chris finally be convinced that it is fun to get fucked in the ass?

  • Leo And Chris Before The Scene

    We learn a little more about Leo King today, somethings that weren't covered in his Getting to Know video. And Chris Star is back as yet another broke boy ready to fuck for some cash.

  • Chris And Drew After The Scene

    $900 is more than fair for a scene that both guys secretly enjoyed. They got to fuck and cum, and one even enjoyed a bit of a cum shower.

  • Chris Fucks Drew Bareback

    Chris gets to fuck the new guy, but even before they fuck it's pretty hot and steamy in here. The real question is: can Freshman Drew take the big cock and rough fuck that Chris is known for?

  • Chris And Drew Before The Scene

    The matchup of the day includes Drew and Chris who offer their thoughts on rimming and bottoming. Click to learn about Chris's love story, and what dirty things you might find following his Twitter account.

  • Chris And Liam After The Scene

    These boys may be young, but they're smart to save their fuck pay for a rainy day.

  • Chris Meets Liam & Things Go Xxx

    Meeting for the first time also means fucking for the first time at the BSB studios. See what Chris and Liam do for cash on Broke Straight Boys.

  • Chris And Liam Before The Scene

    Liam doesn't mind rimming, but will Chris get on board with such a kinky task?

  • Chris And Dallas After The Scene

    Blow it or save it - what will these two do with their Gay for Pay(check)?

  • Chris Pounds Dallas' Tight Ass Raw

    Helping a friend out, Dallas's ass takes Chris's huge cock on a sunny summer day. Chris is ready to help his horny friend with a great fuck.

  • Chris And Dallas Before The Scene

    Shooting the shit with Dallas and Chris gives an insight into the laid-back fun time in the BSB studios before the clothes come off.

  • Chris And Duncan After The Scene

    Chris can't even talk because if that orgasm, and Duncan can't wait to save his pay day for that dream home.

  • Massage Therapy With Happy Ending

    What starts out as an innocent post-workout massage leads to Duncan's dick and Chris's cock exploding in hot jizz.

  • Chris And Duncan Before The Scene

    Why are these boys so sore? Watch a quickie interview to get reacquainted with this new match-up.

  • Chris And Shea After The Scene

    Wiping cum and sweat off, Chris and Shea share what they are going to do with the big payday coming to them.

  • Better Than My Pocket Pussy

    New guy Shea gets pounded by Chris Star. See the top take control in a whole new way.

  • Chris And Shea Before The Scene

    Lucky us, first to hear Chris's big news and to meet Shea Parker, the newest model on the scene.

  • Matt And Chris After The Scene

    An afterglow of orgasms emanates from Matt and Chris as they lay naked and spent, determining how they will spend their Gay for Pay cash.

  • Straight Boy First Time For Dick

    Chris takes his first dick ever right here on BSB. Don't miss out on the sexy new-cummers!

  • Matt And Chris Before The Scene

    Willing to try anything once, eager Chris is willing to pretty much anything for pay.

  • Ashton And Chris After The Scene

    A member shout out and the answer to the most important questions: Would Chris ever consider bottoming?

  • Five More Fucking Minutes

    All he asks is for five more minutes of sleep, but Chris gets a lot more from his sexy bedmate Ashton.

  • Ashton And Chris Before The Scene

    Newbie Chris gets a special introduction in this Before Scene interview. Hint: Ashton's mouth isn't just good for talking!

  • Getting To Know Chris Star

    This up-and-coming semi-pro football star is also Broke Straight Boys' newest model. Meet headstrong Chris Star and learn his inspiring story!

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  • Robdock05 on 04/17/2024

    Love Chris Star!

    • anonymous on 10/16/2022

      Chris Star is the hottest addition this year. More, More, More. So sexy

      • Dex2013 on 07/17/2022

        Chris Star is my favorite. Hands Down.

        • NOT2LATE on 07/04/2022

          Let's see more of Chris getting fucked!