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Nude Interview Calvin And Chris Tatted Twinks Takeover

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Hot And Bothered Chris Star And Calvin Michaels Get Ready For Their Upcoming Scene.

The action begins with some playful laughter between Calvin Michaels and Chris Star while they are trying to practice kissing. Suddenly the video cuts to the interview on the futon. Calvin smiles politely but looks slightly nervous, while Chris seems more relaxed despite having not done any gay porn scenes in over a year. New father Chris has a baby and has been working a different job. Well known Chris gives a shout out to fans on the forum. Calvin in his black baggy tee shirt is new to the studio so go check out the getting to know introduction video.

After some small talk about how much things have changed in the industry over the past year, the director gets down to business and starts explaining what the scene will entail. It is decided that Calvin will bottom in the upcoming scene. Chris says he is not alright with rimming Calvin's ass. Calvin on the otherhand has never given a rim job and is apprehensive about some of these actions. As the director makes jokes to break the ice, both men begin to relax into the interview. Next the guys show off their bodies for the camera. Chris removes his white tank top and explains that he has a new tattoo for his child. Then Chris slides down his shorts to reveal his big thick dick. Calvin is shy but interested in his scene partner. Next Calvin strips down to show off his bubble butt. Then he removes his tee shirt and shows off his new half angel wing, half devil wing tattoo above his pelvis.

The director starts explaining the rules of the performance. He says that there will be deductions for not going down on each other, and the more rugged and raw the performance is, the higher the payoff will be. While the director continues explaining the guidelines, Calvin and Chris start to feel increasingly anxious. They know that this is their big chance to showcase their skills and make some serious cash, but they also know that one small mistake could cost them. Overall the director will determine how the payment goes based on their performance. After the director finishes laying out the ground rules, the interview comes to a close. Calvin and Chris gather their things and begin setting up the studio for the shoot.

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