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Sexy Group Threesome Chris And Calvin Bang Hairy Andrew Raw

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Chris Star, Calvin Michaels, Andrew Kahn

Spit Roasted, Andrew Gets Eiffel Towered By Two Horny Boys Chris And Calvin Raw.

The scene opens with Andrew Kahn and Calvin Michaels sitting on a futon chatting about their recent car and coffee outing. As they talk, Andrew starts to become aroused by Calvin's bulging crotch. Calvin suggests Andrew grabs his stick shift, while gesturing to his own crotch. He reaches down to grab hold of Calvin's hardening erection through the thin material of his gray shorts. The camera pans over to the nearby door, where a horny visitor appears. Chris Star hides behind the door masturbating his big dick. Soon Calvin and Andrew start to feel watched, they ask who is there. At this point, the door suddenly opens and a visibly aroused Chris Star walks into the room. He stands awkwardly in the doorway, nervously adjusting himself before finally speaking. Chris explains that he is upset they did not invite him to the cars and coffee event.

Andrew and Calvin both look at each other with a smile, knowing exactly what Chris wants. Andrew and Calvin decide to invite Chris into their sex session. Chris gets on his hands and knees to kiss Calvin while revealing his bare ass. Naughty Andrew takes the opportunity to rim Chris with his wet tongue. Andrew strips off his tee shirt and drives his tongue into the tight pink hole. Meanwhile Chris begins sucking on Calvin's thick dick. The sound of sucking and tongue lashing echoes around the room. Then Andrew wants some of Calvin's juicy man meat, so Chris gives him a turn. And oral frenzy begins as Andrew and Chris both lick Calvin's huge cock. The two boys take turns sucking on Calvin.

Chris heats things up by spreading his legs and squatting onto Calvins big dick. Chris bounces up and down on Calvin's cock for a few moments. Then it is Andrew's turn to take a joy ride. Andrew is new to bottoming and finds the sensations to be unusual. But soon he is getting more than he bargained for when Chris and Calvin spit roast his holes. Chris gets Andrew's mouth and Calvin fills the ass. They eiffel tower him in a dynamic dirty threesome. Calvins picks up the pace and pounds Andrew. The guys compare their sexual acts to cars while dominating their bottom boy. Chris pulls Andrew's hair while Calvin rams his rod inside their pillow princess. Next big top Calvin says he wants Chris to bottom. Chris agrees and submits to the two other boys. Calvin impales Chris with his monster dong bareback. The guys continue their car themed banter while performing sexual acts on eachother. Soon Calvin pulls out and blasts a sticky white load all over the abs of Chris. Next Andrew busts his nut on the shoulder of Chris. Finally Chris unloads his cum onto his own navel. With the boy in the middle drenched in man milk, the group sex scene comes to an end.

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