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Chris Star Shows Big Dick To Andrew Kahn's Hairy Ass

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Rookie vs Veteran, Two Handsome Boys Chris Star And Andrew Kahn Prepare for Their Gay Porno Shoot.

The interview opens up with the director greeting two handsome boys sitting on the futon. As they begin to talk about the shoot, there's a sense of nervous energy in the room. Chris Star sits forward on the couch, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. Andrew Kahn takes a moment to gather himself, but soon joins in the conversation with growing enthusiasm. Chris explains that he got a haircut today and is feeling confident in his physical appearance. Andrew admits he is new to the studio and performing in gay for pay porn in general. Despite being new to the world of gay porn, Andrew seems surprisingly comfortable discussing the shoot. Chris, on the other hand, can hardly contain his excitement as they delve deeper into the topic.

Chris is very experienced and has been to the studio several times before. He is a football fan and enjoys the excitement of the sport. On the other hand, Andrew is a full-time student studying accounting. He doesn't have much time for hobbies or sports due to his busy schedule. However, Andrew jokes about the more thrilling aspects of accounting and bookkeeping during the interview. The director then asks the boys who should top or bottom during the shoot. Chris suggests that Andrew bottoms since he is new to the industry. Andrew agrees and the director proceeds to explain the procedure for the scene. Both Chris and Andrew are eager to get started and ready themselves for the shoot.

Andrew is worried and has only ever taken a finger up the ass. Next Chris whips out his dick and shows it to Andrew. Andrew becomes nervous and admits that this will be his first time taking a dick up his ass. Despite his apprehension, Andrew decides to go through with the scene in order to earn some extra money. Then Andrew shows his hairy ass for the camera. Chris jokes about getting lost in Andrew's thick pubic hair. Before the sex scene begins, both men strip down to their underwear. Chris is wearing tight fitting compression shorts, which showcase his well-defined quads and hamstrings. Andrew, on the other hand, is sporting a pair of boxer briefs, which highlight his physique. Andrew is mentally preparing for bottoming. Chris does not want to rim, but surprisingly Andrew is willing to eat ass. The guys will earn more if they do more raunchy acts. The interview comes to an end and the duo gets ready for the sex scene.

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