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Before The Fuck Session Amone And Chris

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Chris and Amone are back. Chris is sad to have to bottom again. They both have experience with it, and neither of them like it. They say their assholes are too sensitive and it never seems to get any easier. But that's the reality of being broke doing gay porn when you aren't really into it for the money. In their daily life, these guys live a straight life. When they tell people they do gay porn, they either say they've seen some of the videos or that they think it's cool. But straight porn doesn't pay as well and for guys they are lucky to break even. They talk about the porn industry and the differences in how much men and women make in it.

Chris is nervous to take Amone's big dick, so he pulls it out to give Chris an idea what he's in store for. Chris shows off his ass and they talk about what they're going to do to each other for their scene.

Speaking of money, they go into talking about the porn industry and the differences in pay for men and women and also straight vs. gay porn. The video wraps up with Amone showing off his cock and Chris revealing his ass while they talk about what their going to do for the scene.

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