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Massage Therapy With Oral, Fucking & Happy Ending

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Duncan Story, Chris Star

Duncan's neck is super sore after a long team workout, and the ever-so-generous Chris offers him a back massage. "What are teammates for?" Chris asks, hiding his alterior motive from his teammate. Duncan lays with his stomach on the bed as Chris begins to rub his back and shoulders. Casually, the two debrief today's practice.

In order to completely satisfy the star player, Chris needs to remove Duncan's underwear and begins massaging his glutes and back muscles. Turning him over on his back, Chris places the towel unexpectedly over Duncan's eyes, under the guise of helping him relax even further.

Little does Duncan know Chris is taking off his underwear and straddles Duncan once again, touching his chest, moving down his front, and placing his mouth onto Duncan's cock. Feeling Chris's mouth on him, Duncan doesn't protest, but rather his dick begins to harden with each stroke of Chris's tongue. "Talk about a massage," Duncan moans as Chris continues to suck him, straddling his face now as Duncan accepts Chris's manhood into his mouth. Loosening Duncan using his hands, Chris's asshole is getting loosened by Duncan's tongue rubbing against - true teamwork.

Asking for his tight asshole, Duncan teases Chris until he positions himself to sit slowly onto Duncan's cock. Controlling the motion with his forearm against the mattress, Chris bobs his hips onto Duncan's erection as Duncan reaches around and plays with Chris's hard cock. "You're definitely loosening me up," Chris moans.

The heavy breathing pauses momentarily as Duncan turns Chris over to his side and girates into him between subtle kissing. Pulling on his own cock while being full of Duncan's fine cock, Chris moans, his tip throbbing with pleasure.

He bends to all fours as Duncan fucks him from behind, the V of his toned stomach hits Chris's ass with each pounding. "You better not tell anyone about this," Chris warns his teammate as he enjoys, perhaps too much, the feel of his ass being filled by the star player.

Gripping onto his cock, Chris's orgasm builds slowly and deliberately. As long and intense as their workout this morning, Chris's climax erupts in a stream of cum that drenches the sheets below. Duncan, too, is ready for his own physical release, pulling out of Chris's asshole only to cover his teammate with hot cream. The two take some long-overdue sighs as they catch their breath and find the resolution of their massage, cum now as their massage oil.

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