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Hot Tattooed Bad Boys Calvin And Chris Rough Fuck Bareback

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Chris Star, Calvin Michaels

Slippery Saliva Meets Face Fucking! Explore Erotic Limits When Two Young Men Calvin Michaels And Chris Star Let Loose Their Sexual Thunder.

The scene begins with sexy inked boys Calvin and Chris kissing intimately. Calvin has on Ambercrombie and Fitch dark red underwear that highlight the spider tattoo on his thigh. Whereas Chris has on tight fitting bright red Champion brand boxers. As Calvin and Chris continue their passionate makeout session, Chris takes things to the next level by removing Calvin's red briefs. With his hands wrapped around Calvin's waist, Chris leans forward to take Calvin's rock hard dick into his warm, wet mouth. Sucking gently, Chris works Calvin's dick like a pro, creating a rhythmic soundtrack of slurping noises that only adds to the erotic intensity of the moment. Sounds of suction cupping lips echo throughout the space. Next Chris removes his own boxers and proceeds to suck on Calvin's thick dick.

Calvin moans out loud while letting Chris deepthroat him. Suddenly, Calvin gives in to the heat of the moment and puts Chris's big dick into his mouth. Chris grabs Calvin's head and thrusts inside the wet orifice. Chris then spits directly into Calvin's mouth to saturate it with slippery saliva. Calvin's wet mouth lifts up and down on the stiff rod while lips are stretched to capacity. Chris, the dominant top, eagerly starts by grabbing hold of Calvin's full round ass cheeks. Chris spits on Calvin's tight pink hole and probes it with his finger. As Chris continues to probe Calvin's tight pink hole with his finger, drool begins pouring out from Calvin's mouth and onto the futon, creating a pool of saliva that serves as a reminder of just how horny both men are at this very moment. Chris takes control and face fucks Calvin's gaping wet mouth. With great intensity Chris's nut sack slams against Clavins chin.

Finally Chris is ready to top and Calvin submits. Chris slides his hard cock inside Calvin's tight ass and claps his cheeks. Calvin lays on his back and spreads his legs. Chris drives his rigid ram rod directly into Calvin's anal entrance over and over again. Chris sucks Calvin's toe for a moment and then grabs the bottom by the neck and fucks him thoroughly. The two broke straight boys have bareback gay sex for several more moments. Chris moans out in pleasure while penetrating Calvin with rough sexual vigor. Next Chris reaches climax and moves above Calvin's face. Chris gives his big dick one last tug and launches a sticky white load all over Calvin's face. Chris grabs the cum and puts it inside the bottom's mouth. Calvins sucks the remaining cum out of Chris's cock. Then Calvin jerks off for the camera and gushes a huge load from his thick dick all over his hand. Cobwebs of cum dangle from his finger and onto his abs. The scene comes to an end with both guys relieved.

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