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Ashton Silvers Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 145
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.7/5

In his own words:

"Trying to make as much money As I can while I can to start my own business and save money. "

Our comments:

"Very wise for his age and wanting to learn more about life."

  • Brody And Ashton After The Scene

    Brody's hard fuck has him huffing and puffing and the bed is covered in stains and these boys are $1200 richer. He loved getting to fuck Ashton's tight hole and Ashton rode him like a cowboy. Maybe he really does like to bottom?

  • Brody Tops Ashton

    Muscular Brody doesn't normally get to top but in this video members get to see his muscles ripple as he thrusts deep inside Ashton. But not before they exchange hot blowjobs.

  • Ashton And Brody Before The Scene

    Ashton returns but unlike usual - this time he is the one who's going to be fucked by a muscular stud named Brody. Brody is pretty new to porn but he's been making quite a name for himself.

  • Ashton And Liam After The Scene

    Taking Liam's ass was a nice time for Ashton, and fortunately got him off before he goes to see the unavailable yet smoking hot waitress at the local diner.

  • Ashton Pounds Liam's Ass Hard

    Mounting Liam to make sure he knows who's the bottom bitch, Ashton takes Liam's asshole. The boys pound it out and they boys enjoy a well-deserved squirt.

  • Ashton And Liam Before The Scene

    Ashton and Liam are not just great at fucking. They are also great conversationalists who have a lot to say about a variety of topics. However, the main prize is getting to see these cute bubble butts.

  • Ashton And Kylan After The Scene

    Kylan's 'straight-dar' is spot-on as he ranks his fellow models as top-most straight. The fuck with Ashton was his way of knowing if he is right.

  • Frottage And Riding Cock Bareback

    Kylan gets his wish as the straight boy fucks him silly. Rather, as he rides the straight boys cock to orgasm. Ashton Silvers makes a great play toy.

  • Ashton And Kylan Before The Scene

    Two sexy young men are cuddles up and ready to get closer. Kylan's kink-boy fetish is going to be satisfied by Ashton's thick, straight-boy cock.

  • Ashton Bottoms For Big Dick Amone

    Dirty-talking Amone and sexy AF Ashton take on each other's cocks and show off their dick sucking skills. Watch Ashton ride the new guy and see Amone explode using Ashton's tight, deep ass.

  • Amone And Ashton Before The Scene

    For the first time members get to see Amone fuck. While sexy Ashton is back again for some more cash. These two already have great on-screen chemistry as they banter, joke, and give compliments about each other's huge schlongs.

  • Ashton And Matt After The Scene

    Just two naked, responsible, sexy straight guys earning cash to pay the bills!

  • Ashton Fucks Matt Hardcore Bareback

    Another newbie on the scene, Matt gets to enjoy Ashton's big dick and experienced moves.

  • Ashton And Matt Before The Scene

    Matt topped Chris in the last scene, but will he get to enjoy bottoming as Ashton's fuck toy?

  • Ashton And Chris After The Scene

    A member shout out and the answer to the most important questions: Would Chris ever consider bottoming?

  • Five More Fucking Minutes

    All he asks is for five more minutes of sleep, but Chris gets a lot more from his sexy bedmate Ashton.

  • Ashton And Chris Before The Scene

    Newbie Chris gets a special introduction in this Before Scene interview. Hint: Ashton's mouth isn't just good for talking!

  • Darron And Ashton After The Scene

    All covered and totally naked, Darron and Ashton share their satisfaction with the flip flop fuck.

  • Flip Flop Jock Boys

    Switching it up, literally, as Ashton and Darron return for another sexy romp. Raw and ready, the boys suck, rim, give and take it all in this hot flip scene.

  • Darron And Ashton Before The Scene

    Welcome back Ashton and Darron for a new years bang, and see what they are willing to do for a big check and why.

  • Ashton And Brian After The Scene

    Brian explains what he thought about his first time having sex with a guy. Will he be back for more?

  • Straight Boys First Time Fuck

    There is a first time for everything. In Brian's scene, it's two things - first time being on camera AND getting fucked in the ass. Watch Brian Star in his debut role, taking it from behind like a true amateur champ.

  • Ashton And Brian Before The Scene

    Ashton and his big cock are back to initiate a new Broke Straight Boys elite model, Brian Star.

  • Duncan And Ashton After The Scene

    Cum still dripping from his fingers, Duncan shares his opinions on rimming for the first time and Ashton insists he didn't enjoy himself, even though his fat, still-hard cock says differently.

  • Riding Duncans Fat Cock

    Foreplay is Duncan's forte as he tops to pleasure new-to-the-scene Ashton. 69 licks and a rimming prepares Ashton for his first fat cock on Broke Straight Boys.

  • Duncan And Ashton Before The Scene

    Both back for more cash, Ashton and Duncan are looking forward to pushing their limits and having new experiences with each other.

  • Nico And Ashton After The Scene

    Nico, covered in a combination of his own and Ashton's cum, is a satisfied birthday boy - having his cream cake and eating it, too.

  • Birthday Boy Gets Fucked

    It's Nico's birthday and Ashton has a big-cock surprise in store for him. Nico blows out the candle and enjoys a raw cream cake on this special day.

  • Nico And Ashton Before The Scene

    This pair of sexy, young studs are prepared to heat up the bedroom for Nico's special birthday fuck. Ashton enjoys a rough fuck and Nico gets kinkier with every passing year.

  • Mikey And Ashton After The Scene

    Ashton won the game, and collected his prize. Mikey tells us that he hasn’t been poked back there in a while. They talk to us before hitting the showers.

  • Double Or Nothing Lets Fuck

    After winning the game, Ashton wants a piece of Mikey, and Mikey keeps his promise. The guys suck each other off, and then Ashton makes Mikey’s ass his bareback.

  • Mikey And Ashton Before The Scene

    Ashton knows a lot about the industry, and tells us more about his experiences in it. Everyone loves Mikey’s short hair… except him. And a game will settle who is the top and bottom.

  • Getting To Know Ashton Silvers

    Ashton Silver is an honest, energetic, hot guy who came from hard times and recently burst into the porn industry. He tells us about his beginnings, dating another pornstar, and what he likes in the bedroom.

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  • seandm2680 on 05/22/2022

    I've seen Ashton on other sites but nothing is better than BSB. He is just simply himself and natural. Simply put it he does it ALL and he he does it WLL!!!

    • anonymous on 05/01/2022

      Would love to see Ashton do more videos where he’s pounding some gay for pay virgin straight boy ass! Also some better cum shot angles when Ashton is cumming would be nice to see also. Ashton is pretty hot guy with a nice dick!

      • mardigrasboy2 on 02/27/2022

        Gay for pay vers Ashton bottoms as well as he tops! And he is young, hot, handsome, well endowed and has a hot ass!

        • SFPS01 on 03/26/2022

          Totally agree.

        • df1980 on 02/05/2022

          More! 😂

          • briefs33 on 02/04/2022

            I hope he keeps wearing the white Hanes briefs.. so damn sexy!!! great scenes!

            • manthrilla on 02/02/2022

              Ashton is a sweet guy who gives his all to every scene he's in. Can't wait to see more of him!

              • anonymous on 01/05/2022

                Love guys that still wear Tighty whities!

                • briefs33 on 02/04/2022

                  SAME.. so hot

                • Gekoluv2 on 01/03/2022

                  Very nice and HOT kid want to see him mix with the earlier hotties

                  • josepht259 on 12/23/2021

                    Ashton is both very hot and very sweet! I hope he appears in more videos.

                    • df1980 on 12/22/2021

                      Hoooot! More videos!!! 😋