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During Nude Interview Chris Star Cleans Cum Off Andrew Kahn

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Explore The Psychological Implications Of Bottoming In Gay Porn During An Interview With Andrew Kahn And Chris Star.

The scene begins with Chris Star wiping cum off of Andrew Kahn's face. The two boys sit side by side on the futon bed, both looking slightly flushed from their recent sexual encounter. The room is filled with a sense of intense intimacy, despite the fact that they are being interviewed together. The interviewer asks Andrew how he feels about bottoming now that he has experienced it firsthand with Chris. Andrew replies thoughtfully, explaining that he definitely has a newfound appreciation for what it means to be a bottom in the world of gay porn. He goes on to describe in detail the intense physical sensations that he experienced during the shoot, including the feeling of Chris' hard cock penetrating his tight ass.

Chris chimes in at this point, adding his own perspective on what it was like to top Andrew during the shoot. He describes the experience as incredibly hot and satisfying, and notes that he was especially impressed by Andrew's ability to take his large dick without any discomfort. Overall Chris says Andrew's hole was tight. Surprisingly Andrew says that he likes rimming and Chris admits that it felt great during the performance.

When the men start discussing how much they earned from the gay porn shoot, the director explains a whopping $1,500 each. Chris mentions that he's going to need to spend most of his earnings on baby diapers and other fatherly expenses now that he's become a new dad. Meanwhile, Andrew explains that he plans on using his money to pay for school expenses, as he's currently pursuing a degree. The guys joke around about Instant Noodles, reminiscing about all the times they've eaten them. As the interview comes to an end, the director lets them know that he has something special planned for their upcoming studio performance. In closing the two models get cleaned up and paid allowing the interview to come to an end.

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