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Getting To Know Chris Star

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Soon-to-be hot off the presses are Chris Star's 2 upcoming scenes. This 20-year-old fit straight guy comes to BSB from Miami, a sexy concoction of Cuban, Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Black and White, with tattooed muscles and curly black hair. Since childhood, Chris has loved all sorts of sports - basketball to baseball to soccer to track and field - but now he is hoping to go pro on the football field.

Not always as secure in himself and his surroundings, Chris Star came from a rough background of drugs and gang violence. His parents left him to take care of himself and his siblings until he got adopted. This explains his hopes of one day becoming a father and providing his children the protection he was not afforded.

Chris started out in the adult industry by hosting his own cam channels, making videos upon request. Until he got headhunted for his cute bod and huge cock. Standing tall at 9 inches, Chris has only worked for one other studio, and only topped. Until BSB, that is! Don't miss his first bottom scene ever coming soon. Taking a big dick from Matt definitely hurt at first, the model shares, but then it got pretty pleasurable.

While living the stright private life with his girlfriend enjoying every one of his 9 inches, Chris says he would be willing to mess around with a guy, only if there was chemistry, but certainly doesn't have romantic connections towards men. Which causes for a perfect 'hit it and quit it' scenario for a Broke Straight Boys fuck!

In an alternate universe, where Chris Star didn't get adopted, he imagines he would have ended up on drugs or in a casket. And certainly wouldn't have ventured into the realm of athletics that he loves so intensely. This peak into his life circumstances also highlights just how important his personal hero is to him - his football coach and late uncle, his champion.

A philosophical, spiritual and introspective young adult, Chris shows a level of maturity that can only come from having to grow up with determination and grit the way he did. "If you fall down, you have to just keep moving forward," Chris reminds us all.

To all the members watching, Chris hopes we enjoy him being himself as he gets fucked and fucks other guys. He also requests that members share, make comments, and chat with him on the forum with any feedback and perhaps a fantasy wishlist of what we would like to see next. Chris ensures us he will do what he can to try and make it happen. So get those creative juices flowing, and check out Chris Star's hot and heavy upcoming scenes!

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