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Before The Fuck Session Chris And Chase

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Looking like a pro soccer player, Chris plays with a football and Chase sits calmly next to him like the soft-spoken hunk he is. The boys haven't been up to much, other than spending the money they've earned from fucking. Chris Star's girlfriend is expecting a little boy in two months, so he has been stocking up on all things nursery with his pay day.

Chase is going to take Chris's hung cock, and have worked in the same space before at another studio. Today will be a little different, as they are going to fuck! Chase shows Chris his nice ass and sweet asshole while Chris gives a good peek at his hanging pecker. Since every straight boy has his price, Chase and Chris discuss the potential earnings for the day if they give a good, $1200-worthy scene.

Depending on how well Chris fucks Chase's tight little ass, the top might even earn a big $1200 for himself as well. The ball-player practices kissing his new scene partner, and promises to play with some real balls in a few minutes.

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