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Liam Addison Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5.10 (178cm)
  • Weight: 135
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.57/5

In his own words:

"I am glad to be here, its like a mini-vacation and enjoy meeting the other guys, I find them very interesting."

Our comments:

"Liam is a laid back guy that enjoys life and learning new things and meeting new people."

  • Liam And Kylan After The Scene

    Not even able to move from his spot, Liam finds the strength to share his thought on big brands and how he will spend his fuck money on all the cookies.

  • Liam Gets Fucked By Kylan

    He's gay but he's bi. How will these two sexy brunettes fuck? Like horny teenagers if they have anything to say about it. Especially cock-taking pro Liam who gets to enjoy big-cock Kylan for the first time.

  • Liam And Kylan Before The Scene

    The house gay guy Kylan took the gay-for-pay straight boys on an after-hours field trip. A night out hopping gay bars in South Florida is how all of the boys danced the night away!

  • Brody And Liam After The Scene

    Give this man a whole gallon of water, as he certainly had quite the workout fucking Liam hard and fast. Liam's tight hole thanks him for the big stretch and the two will get a shower soon enough.

  • Power Top Brody Fucks Liam Hard

    Members get to enjoy the muscular power top Brody Fox as he fucks the shit out of Liam. His strong thrusts and six-pack muscles make Liam weak in the knees. Finally the muscular stud gets to top instead of getting it straight up the ass.

  • Brody And Liam Before The Scene

    One more year older brings Liam back to earn more money. And earn it he will, as Brody Fox is going to fuck him rough as the power top he is.

  • Ashton And Liam After The Scene

    Taking Liam's ass was a nice time for Ashton, and fortunately got him off before he goes to see the unavailable yet smoking hot waitress at the local diner.

  • Ashton Pounds Liam's Ass Hard

    Mounting Liam to make sure he knows who's the bottom bitch, Ashton takes Liam's asshole. The boys pound it out and they boys enjoy a well-deserved squirt.

  • Ashton And Liam Before The Scene

    Ashton and Liam are not just great at fucking. They are also great conversationalists who have a lot to say about a variety of topics. However, the main prize is getting to see these cute bubble butts.

  • Amone And Liam After The Scene

    Cleanup on aisle 69, the boys are still dripping with their cum explosions. Amone can't tell who is better at blowjobs, guys or girls. Members, comment to weight in!

  • Amone Has Hot Sausage For Liam

    It's early and these boys have morning wood that need to be taken care of. Amone gives Liam his hot breakfast sausage, but not before rimming Liam's tight hole.

  • Amone And Liam Before The Scene

    Liam and Amone have fun and laughs before showing the camera their hard morning wood and jiggly butts. Liam is a bit sleepy while he prepares to eat Amone's morning sausage.

  • Liam And Drew After The Scene

    Liam and Drew enjoy the afterglow of a sexy creampie. Even though it wasn't quite what he imagined, Drew's first creampie was a big fucking success.

  • Getting His First Cream Pie

    Kissing, then sucking then the best feeling of all - a creampie in a tight, fit ass. Drew gets his very first creampie from big cock Liam and it's even sexier than imagined.

  • Liam And Drew Before The Scene

    Drew is promised a good time, with Liam's big cock inside him. Never before has Drew had someone cum inside him, so the price must be right if we want to see a true creampie.

  • Liam And Dallas After The Scene

    Vote for who YOU think was the sexies top! Dallas has his own dominating style, while Liam is a rough n' tumble kind of fuck. It's going to be a tight one.

  • Flip That Ass

    Sucking cock and flipping ass is how Liam and Dallas like it best. Liam's pulsating thrusts makes this video culminate in a synchronized explosion of cum.

  • Liam And Dallas Before The Scene

    Liam and Dallas are jacks of many trades. Since he got to top last time, Dallas is in for another flip and going to bottom as Liam shoves him full of big cock.

  • Chris And Liam After The Scene

    These boys may be young, but they're smart to save their fuck pay for a rainy day.

  • Chris Meets Liam & Things Go Xxx

    Meeting for the first time also means fucking for the first time at the BSB studios. See what Chris and Liam do for cash on Broke Straight Boys.

  • Chris And Liam Before The Scene

    Liam doesn't mind rimming, but will Chris get on board with such a kinky task?

  • Justin Dallas Liam After The Scene

    He can't even move after that double-fuck by some seriously huge cocks.

  • Dallas Gets Punished

    Dallas doesn't knock and sees something he's not supposed to. Which means Justin and Liam need to teach him a lesson.

  • Justin Dallas Liam Before The Scene

    Surprise! There's three hot, young guys in the studio today, learning about cock rings.

  • Liam And Dallas After The Scene

    Sweat isn't just for athletes on the field. It's for hot fucking, too.

  • Dallas Pumps It Hard

    Dallas lets his Dom out with a hard, rough fuck - the best way to end practice.

  • Liam And Dallas Before The Scene

    A new pairing promises to be so much fun for Liam and Dallas and you!

  • Justin And Liam After The Scene

    These two don't even smoke but need a cigarette after that hard fuck!

  • Justin Fucks Liam Raw

    No condom and a whole lot of moaning makes for an explosive afternoon break.

  • Justin And Liam Before The Scene

    Liam and Justin match-up in a new way, each laid back and willing to fuck for cash.

  • Hot Sexy Threesome After The Scene

    A whopping pay day was well-earned for the three bare-chested teens.

  • Hot Sexy Threesome

    Three for the price of one, this lineup of sexy straight boys will make your knees buckle and your cock hard.

  • Hot Sexy Threesome Before The Scene

    What is fair market rate for three guys - a top, a versatile, a bottom - to show a good time?

  • Liam And Darron After The Scene

    They earned their paychecks for sure, whether as a filled-up bottom or power-hammering top.

  • Deep As Fuck Bros

    Small town boys go deep as they explore what it means to fuck and suck to make some extra money in this crazy economy.

  • Liam And Darron Before The Scene

    Adorable. Cute. Hot. Liam and Darron are promised a pretty penny if they show up for the upcoming scene.

  • Connor And Liam After The Scene

    Is $100 bucks per inch fair enough for that fucking good time?

  • Liam Takes Connor's Big Cock

    Sweet-looking Connor isn't so innocent when he gives Liam a big cock up the ass during innocent teen games.

  • Connor And Liam Before The Scene

    Connor is here to fuck, and Liam is here to get fucked. It's a perfect pair.

  • Ronnie And Liam After The Scene

    The aftermath of a first-time fuck gives Ronnie much to think about as Liam helped him discover parts of himself.

  • Back To Basics Bsb 1.0

    A thick cock and an extremely tight asshole pair up in this original style look at two first-time straight guys!

  • Ronnie And Liam Before The Scene

    Both fresh meat in their own right, Liam and Ronnie share why they're here and what they are willing to do for some extra cash.

  • Getting To Know Liam Addison

    Joining us from BSB sister site College Boy Physicals, Liam explains his work philosophy: It's not work if you enjoy it!

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  • murph50 on 09/18/2022

    Def One of the Hottest Models on the Site! Love to know his Eye Color!

    • TimothyD on 07/09/2022

      Not a fan at all.