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Still dripping from their cumshots, the boys barely catch their breath. Liam's big balls are now empty, and Amone's big cock is absolutely satisfied, still dripping.

Amone's big dick definitely satisfied the bottom Liam. He's gentle in the bedroom, Amone even helps Liam clean himself up a bit. The big question: Who sucks dick better, girls or guys? Amone had a hard time answering the question, until he remembers this one guy who sucked him off while he was blindfolded. Sucking dick better than his girlfriend.

His dick is still hard as he offers to be blindfolded again and see who can suck dick better. Amone worked hard, and so the $1200 will be added to his vacation fund - especially from the spit that he dripped onto his cock while fucking Liam. Send Amone and Liam off with a good rating for this video!

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