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Amone And Liam Before The Scene

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Liam is back again, with new-to-the-scene Amone. The morning started early so that Amone can go on vacation to visit his girlfriend. They have been together for 3 months and the new relationship energy is off the charts, especially with Amone's big dick. Liam, on the other hand, is less than excited with the early call time. He hasn't even had breakfast yet! But bottoming doesn't require the carbo-loading that topping does.

Amone enjoys his ladies, especially when there's two girls at the same time. He's truly gay-4-pay. Liam's threeway experience is purely financial and on film. After he calms down from his inside joke laugh attack, Liam gets to see Amone's thick morning sausage, lovingly nicknamed Preston. His morning wood is ready for action and Liam wastes no time in stroking it.

Both these guys have nice asses, Liam encouraging Amone to bottom sometime. Laughs and jokes and fooling around, Liam and Amone are ready to set the scene for some light-hearted morning play.

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