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Brody And Liam Before The Scene

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Liam is a year older, and wiser, spending his hard-earned money on paying off debt. While Brody is up and coming in the industry, new in the studio with a slurry of scenes under his belt. The red-headed gym rat finally gets to top this time around.

Brody Fox prefers topping as it doesn't require as much prep and pampering as bottoming does. It's Liam's butt's turn to get shoved full. His balls are like his butt - huge and fun to play with. The counterpart top has a much more dainty sack, and a fantastic cock that only gets prettier as it grows.

Not willing to rim, Brody declines the offer and Liam is a bit disappointed. Perhaps one day he can be convinced. Until then, the guys are going to get ready to fuck and suck and see Brody as power top.

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