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Country Boy Justin Gives Liam That Raw DickAdd Movie to your Favorites
Justin Salvador, Liam Addison

Working from home means Justin has to meet deadlines while pantsless. Liam, in effort to relieve Justin's stress, brings him a beer and eventually convinces him to close the laptop for a quick suck sesh. Justin's cock hardens when Liam plays with it, using his tongue to find all the contours.

While Justin's cock was enjoying Liam's wet mouth, Liam's own erection bulged in his underwear. So much so,that Justin had no choice but to suck Liam's cock in return. He plays with his balls and even teases Liam's hungry hole with a finger. "You like that? Yeah you do," Justin interrupts without giving Liam a chance to answer, slapping his ass, turning him over, and shoving a finger into his asshole. Justin milks Liam's long cock while he plays with his ass before mounting him from behind in one swift motion.

Liam moans as a good bottom who enjoys getting fucked in the ass. Justin rams into him, making his young, hairless body his play toy. He grabs Liam's hips, neck and hair as he dominates Liam's asshole. Faster he pounds, increasing in speed and intensity - with only brief seconds of pause to catch his breath before pounding him harder and faster again.

Laying with his head on the floor and his hips high on the bed, Liam is filled once again by Justin's huge, raw cock. Justin drills into him like a pile driver. Thick and stiff. "You like that dick?" Justin asks, this time letting Liam answer with a nod and a moan as Liam tugs on his cock faster and faster, bringing himself to climax at the same moment Justin brings himself to blow his load onto Liam's cock and balls. The two finishing in perfect rhythm to conclude a well-earned work break


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