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Liam And Justin Punish Dallas And He Likes It

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Justin Salvador, Liam Addison, Dallas Ari

Liam and Justin are enjoying the taste of each other's mouths, laying on the bed half-naked and making out in the privacy behind a closed door. Thier cockrings have made thier dicks hard, and soon their pants are no longer able to hide their massive erections.

Rudely interrupting, Dallas walks in without knocking - stumbling upon the two lovers in a compromising position. To punish such a rude action, Justin demands Dallas to lay with them while Liam pulls him by the wrist onto the bed. They quickly take Dallas's shorts and underwear off, exposing his rock-hard cock. Justin and Liam take turns sucking his cock before joining each other and licking base to tip simultaneously. Dallas's moans betray him - this isn't as much of a punishment as he thought.

"You like that?" Justin takes charge ominously. Not for long. He demands for Liam to lick Dallas's asshole as Dallas must suck Justin's cock. Liam continues to play with Dallas's hole, preparing it for the real punishment: his thick penis. He slides it abruptly into Dallas's tight, young hole. Rarely a top, Liam pounds Dallas's ass according to Justin's demands. "Pound that ass," he requires of Liam, despite Dallas's protests to Liam's hulking member.

Justin decides it's his turn to fuck Dallas's tightness. His long cock slides into him as he cries out his reason for punishing Dallas in the first place. Justin's dominating attitude turns Dallas over onto his back and shoves himself deeper into him while his throat is choked by Liam's big cock. One leg in the air, Dallas is spit-roasted by Liam and Justin filling his holes.

As a good teen who knows he earned this punishment, Dallas's mouth hangs open in wait for Liam's cock to re-enter, until the punishers decide to pull out entirely and cum synchronously all over Dallas's body, showering him in white hot cream. "Now it's my turn to cum," Dallas declares to regain his power, bringing himself to orgasm onto his own stomach - learning his lesson to knock next time.

Watch the before the scene and after the scene and more gay porn scenes with Dallas Ari, Liam Addison, and Justin Salvador.

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