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Liam Gets More Than He Bargained For Getting Fucked By Brody

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Liam Addison, Brody Fox

In his white tank and underwear, Brody is shown all the attention by desperate-to-please Liam. He is kissing him first on the lips, then the chest, while rubbing his hard cock through his bleach-white cotton. Liam's mouth ventures towards Brody's cock, kissing the shaft bare before taking the tip directly between his lips.

Sucking hard, Liam makes Brody moan each time his mouth fills with cock. In rhythm with his hands, Liam pleases the redhead. His mouth is wet on his shaft and purposeful in its movements. When it's Liam's cock's turn to feel wet lips, he's ready. Brody quickly envelops his shaft with mouth and fingers as he hardens inside the oral cavern.

Both moan. Brody gulps with the girth of Liam's dick filling his throat. His mouth drips with saliva at the corners trying to maintain a layer of wet around Liam's shaft, before bringing him to all fours and sliding his cock directly up Liam's hole. It takes only a second for Liam to receive Brody's thick, raw cock and for Brody to start fucking him rough.

"God yeah..." they each moan as they enjoy their different points of pleasure. Brody's cock gets tight movement from the fine, young hole. And Liam's ass enjoys the feeling of being filled with the massive protein-packed member. Grabbing his shoulder, rough topping Brody pounds Liam harder yet until he is out of breath and heaving with pleasure.

His six-pack tightens when Liam turns over and he slides deep into filling him up. A smile spreads across Brody's face when he fucks faster, Liam's ass tightening more with the rough movements. It's a race to the finish, each wanting to blow their loads during this dirty, enjoyable experience. It's Liam who reaches the line first, tugging his cock to blow his load onto himself. Therefore giving Brody the go-ahead to pound as fast as he can, pulling out and shooting his cum far across Liam's front.

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