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Broke Straight Boys welcomes two new straight guys to the studio. Actually, Liam already has a scene under his belt with College Boy Physicals (all BSB members get a free subscription to the sister site!), but he's back 6 months later with the need for more dough.

Liam spent the last months traveling through California, Las Vegas, Florida and New York. And, well, credit cards always end up demanding payment! So here this 21-year-old is: he's a boy. He's straight. And he is broke!

All the same, Ronnie is a fresh 18-year-old piece of meat who, too, is in the market for cash. The first and only time he has had sex was 4 years ago, so why gay for pay porn to pay the bills? It seems like Ronnie may not even know, but he gets tons of points for showing up and being willing to say he doesn't know as he finds himself through all of these new experiences.

By new experiences, we mean NEW. Watch Liam explain to Ronnie what bottoming is, and how he isn't sure what rimming is either. BSB scoured to edges of the earth to bring members a truly innocent, broke straight boy!

Promised to make $1200 bucks a piece, Ronnie tries his mouth at sucking Liam's cock and making out a bit before pausing to preparing for the hardcore scene. Will they do a good enough job to earn their pay day? Watch the video coming soon to find out!

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