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Ricky Bobby Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 136
  • Shoe: 9 US (43 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm) Uncut
  • Performer Rating: 4.66/5

In his own words:

"I am just a straight boy trying to make money to pay off my debt."

Our comments:

"Ricky is a true nerd at heart. He loves Sci-Fi movies, Amusement Parks and playing video games."

  • Sexy Earnings For Nude Andy And Ricky

    Delicious cum swallowing moments with intense pleasure, gain insights from two horny twinks in the studio. Guys chat about epic blow job finishing move. Go behind the scenes with slim Andy Adler and hairy Ricky Bobby. Two nude boys have a lofty pay day.

  • Andy Rams Ricky For Raunchy Sex Rematch

    During this epic rematch Ricky Bobby's tight ass is stretched to the limit by Andy Adler's huge cock. Twink boy with thick rod takes hairy hole by storm. Get ready for intense oral and anal action between two sexy guys. Find out who swallows a cum load.

  • Ricky Prepares To Take Andy's Big Dick

    Explore the depths of gay porn with two handsome boys Ricky Bobby and Andy Adler. Uncover the secrets of male sexuality. Seasoned performers share personal erotic fantasies and prepare for anal adventure. Enjoy racy insights into their hot private lives.

  • Group Sex Pays Big For Three Nude Boys

    Explore pleasure limits with three naked boys Chris Shine, Andy Adler, and Ricky Bobby during this exclusive interview. Learn how one bottom boy handled two cocks in his tight hole at once. Hot boy threesome gets paid for raw raunchy double penetration.

  • Chris And Ricky Double Stuff Andy

    Watch a taboo group sex encounter with two masculine guys Chris Shine, Ricky Bobby, and one slender bottom boy Andy Adler. Welcome to a wild bareback threesome. See double dick thrusters pump boy toy to the limit. Enjoy raw action in an ultimate three way.

  • Two Dicks Meet One Hole If Trio Prepares

    Get ready for an ultimate breeding scene with three gorgeous guys Chris Shine, Andy Adler, and Ricky Bobby. Go behind the scenes of a three way sex encounter leading up to breeding with double penetration. Raw, real, raunchy uncover the exclusive details.

  • Creampie Cash Out With Ricky And Andy

    Cashing in on creampies, see two hot gay for pay porn models Ricky Bobby and Andy Adler get paid during nude interview. Find out why a mega load of sperm overflowed out of a bottom boy ass. Massive uncircumcised dick takes center stage in this discussion.

  • Ricky Meets Andy For Bareback Creampie

    Uninhibited boy Andy Adler engages in sexual encounter with hot top Ricky Bobby. Make out session leads to bareback bottoming cream pie fun. See tight, smooth twink ass gets destroyed by raging hard cock. Enjoy creamy felching action after anal fucking.

  • Ricky Plans To Pump Andy Full Of Cum

    Breaking down barriers from straight boy heartbreak to hardcore anal action. Smooth and sleek, see Andy Adler's pink anal entrance steal the show. House renovation man Ricky Bobby shares construction expertise about big tools that ignites hidden desires.

  • Naked Payday For Chris And Ricky

    Big bucks, bigger dicks, and the insane amounts of cash these two guys make from fucking each other. Enjoy a sizzling interview with two nude guys. No holding back, get ready for some steamy NSFW talk between boys Chris shine and Ricky bobby regarding sex.

  • Top Chris Gives Hot Ricky Juicy Cum Shot

    Tongues lock and cocks are ready when a steamy makeout session leads to hot and heavy bedroom action. Dirty blonde Chris Shine dominates Ricky Bobby's raw ass in bareback sex. Throbbing hardon meets tight hairy ass. Deep and delicious dudes do it all nude.

  • Matching Ricky And Chris Before Sex

    Get naughty with two boys before their sex scene. Top to bottom explore the erotic dynamic between Ricky Bobby and Chris Shine. Sex scene secrets, peak inside the making of a gay for pay performance. Go from coordinated outfits to coordinated cumshots.

  • Chatting It Up After The 3 Way

    Experience this raw and real discussion between naked threesome partners. Listen as these raw sex studs open up about their intense three-way orgasms. Find out how much they made for their thirty six minute group fuck scene.

  • Harrison's First Time Doing A 3 Way

    See Harrison get spit roasted like a tasty pig by Blake and Ricky in his first ever threesome. Enjoy as this straight boy is spread open and fucked raw by two big dicked dudes. Witness the 36 minutes of hot group sex between these three guys.

  • Anyone For A 3 Way

    New to threesomes Harrison answers questions about group sex. Double trouble the with two tops and one bottom. Both Blake and Ricky's big dicks are preparing to wreak havoc.

  • Ricky Tells Archie How It Felt

    Archie and Ricky talk about their previous scene and what they plan to do with the money afterwards.

  • Archie Tries To Bottom Again

    Archie is back in the studio and is ready to give another try by letting Ricky fuck his tight ass.

  • Archie's Price To Bottom

    Archie and Ricky talk about their upcoming video together, what they hope to make, and they start to get handsy with each other.

  • Talk About Who Is A Better Bottom

    For someone who doesn't normally like to bottom, Ricky sure seemed to have a good time with this scene! Harrison can hardly believe his ass wasn't virgin, because it was practically pushing him out and it was the tightest asshole he's ever fucked.

  • Harrison Tops Ricky's Tight Hole Raw

    This hot scene starts with Harrison and Ricky making out before gagging on each other's cocks. Harrison has some trouble at first getting his dick inside Ricky's tight hole, but before long he is railing him hard and raw and Ricky is gasping.

  • Negotiations For A Bottom

    Last time Harrison joined us, it was his first time with BSB, his first time bottoming and his first time rimming a guy. He has topped men before but this will be his first time on camera! Ricky and him share their experiences growing up straight and how t

  • After The Scene Blake And Ricky

    It better be a big paycheck for Blake to have taken his friend's cock up the ass!.First of all, he doesn't particularly enjoy it, and secondly has to tell his girlfriend who knows Ricky!

  • Two Friends Fuck For Money

    They may be friends off screen, but they are fuckmates today. Ricky uses Blake's ass to orgasm with intense fucking and Blake gets covered in both of their cum.

  • Blake And Ricky

    Uh oh. These straight boys know each other. And not from this or any other studio - but from real life! How will Ricky Bobby and Blake react when they are asked to suck and fuck each other!?

  • Nico And Ricky After The Scene

    These boys earned their $1500 a piece and from Nico's still-hard cock and his cum-covered body it's clear they enjoyed it.

  • Did That Feel Good Bro

    For his first gay experience, Ricky sure is a natural! He eagerly kisses all over Nico's smooth body and sucks his dick before fucking him hard, deep and raw.

  • Nico And Ricky Before The Scene

    For a straight guy, Ricky sure doesn't seem to have many limits. Get ready to watch him fuck 19 year old Nico's smooth ass.

  • Amone And Ricky After The Scene

    Ricky took one for the team and let Amone top his tight hole. Overall he thought it felt pretty good but says he prefers to be in control and bring pleasure from the top.

  • Rickys 2nd Time Bottoming

    Ricky and Amone swap blowjobs before Ricky sits on Amone's dick to slowly stretch his tight hole. Then Amone bends him over and fucks him hard and deep till he cums and then jerks off Ricky until he finishes.

  • Amone And Ricky Before The Scene

    Amone and Ricky have both been here before but this will be their first time fucking each other. Normally Ricky prefers to top but this time he's going to have to bend over for Amone's girthy, cut dick.

  • Ricky And Darron After The Scene

    Ricky can't even find his voice after the way Darron fucked him in the ass. For his first time getting filled like that, he doesn't know what to say and will have to take some time to decide if he enjoyed it or would rather top from here on out.

  • Ricky Gets Fucked For The 1st Time

    Ricky Bobby couldn't have a better first-time fuck coach than Darron Blue. He's gentle yet firm and is willing to fuck as long as it takes to initiate the impressionable newbie. His moans between breaths say it all as he lets Darron do whatever he wants.

  • Ricky And Darron Before The Scene

    His first time at the studio, Ricky Bobby is slightly nervous, but ready to see what he can do with Darron's cock inside him. The boys are determined to kiss, suck and fuck like the pros. The payout is guaranteed to match that same enthusiasm.

  • Darron Ricky Nico After The Scene

    Naughty, naughty elves had a great time being dirty. A little vacation away from the hard work of the North Pole, Nico, Darron and Ricky are ready to get back to the grind.

  • 2022 Christmas Special 3 Way

    Dirty elves make Christmas time way more fun. The three know how to celebrate the holiday season and the spirit of giving by taking turns fucking and getting fucked.

  • Darron Ricky Nico Before The Scene

    Ricky, Darron and Nico are in the spirit of giving, particularly Top Elf Ricky, as he is going to give his North Pole to Darron and Nico. These naughty elves will be risking coal in their stockings with their dirty deeds.

  • Getting To Know Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby loves his tools - both his yummy shaft and his hard, metal ones. This open, honest, and stand-up guy is here to learn and please the members in any way possible!

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  • Drewllan on 06/10/2024

    beautifully handsome young lad

    • Besties on 12/07/2023

      Ricky, your performance was way above average. A solid B+ . The only way you could improve is if instead of fucking Archie, you would have made slow, passionate love to him. I've noticed that whenever you top, you cum as soon as you pull out. In some of your topping scenes, it seems like you don't even have to jerk off. Not fucking your bottom so hard will help with that as well. You have a beautiful cock - show it off by pulling your foreskin all the way forward then all the way back four or five times after you cum - as if you are trying to milk the last drop of cum out of your dick. Bing uncut is uncommon. Being uncut and American even more so. Use the traits you have that most other models don't to set yourself apart

      • Besties on 12/07/2023

        Your model profile stated you are cut, but you state in your "getting to know" interview (and close ups of your dick prove) that you are uncut. You would have a lot more people viewing your scenes if your profile were accurate. I will be sure and let the website know. Just thought you'd like to know as well.

        • supthai on 05/06/2023

          His profile says he is cut. I have must had it wrong. Sure looks uncut to me. Still a cuttie, one way or the other.

          • anonymous on 01/03/2023

            Superb. Big fan!

            • anonymous on 01/02/2023

              What a great new model! I like him a lot. :)

              • endlessrush on 12/25/2022

                Yummy 🤤 Luv him