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Chris Shine And Ricky Bobby Double Penetrate Andy Adler

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Ricky Bobby, Andy Adler, Chris Shine

Three Way Thrusting Young Men Ricky Bobby, Andy Adler, and Chris Shine Go All Out With Bareback Double Penetration.

The scene begins with three boys laying back in just their underwear kissing. Ricky Bobby is on the left wearing gray boxer briefs. Andy Adler sits in the middle enjoying the affection while equipped with tight white underwear. Meanwhile Chris Shine is on the right wearing loose gray boxer shorts. Soon their kissing turns into more intimate actions. The boys begin to fondle one another and become aroused. The action intensifies when Ricky removes Andy's underwear, exposing his hardening cock which flops to the side. Then Chris gets completely naked and kisses Andy on the lips. Ricky proceeds to kiss up Andy's leg and stroke his erection. As things heat up, Ricky takes Andy's cock deep into his wet throat. After a few moments Chris wants a turn and begins sucking on Andy's hard cock. Ricky strips down fully nude and kisses Andy passionately.

Double dick sucking occurs with Chris sucking Andy's cock, While Andy Sucks Ricky's dick. Next Andy sits in the middle and jerks off both Ricky and Chris simultaneously. A playful sexual session full of sucking, stroking, and kissing continues. Oral frenzy ignites upon the futon while the boys give one another blow jobs. Suddenly Andy gets on his hands and knees to suck Chris' dick while presenting his bare ass to Ricky. Ricky takes the opportunity to give Andy a rim job and licks the tight pink hole. Andy sucks on Chris' thick dick until the other two boys switch positions. Chris rims Andy's tight anal entrance while Andy sucks Ricky's dick. Andy gags on Ricky's rigid rod. Andy gives the signal that he is ready to take it up the ass.

Ricky positions himself under Andy and slides it inside the pink boy hole. Up and down Andy bounces on the cock. Ricky makes Andy's cheeks clap, meanwhile Chris is getting his dick sucked by Andy. Andy deepthroats Chris while getting fucked in the ass. Ricky moves to fuck Andy doggy style. Andy keeps serving his two tops by Sucking Chris' cock. Soon Chris wants a turn at bareback fucking Andy. He moves to the rear and rams his thick dick inside the quivering bottom. Andy gets filled from both ends and man handled by Chris. Andy moans out that he is ready for a double penetration. The guys move into position with Chris at the base, Andy sandwiched in the middle, and Ricky pounding on top. Chris and Ricky double stuff Andy with raw big dick. The boys go slow and then thrust rhythmically. Andy's ass gets stretched to the limit while taking both boys at once. The intense sensation causes Chris to jizz inside. Ricky says he is gonna breed Andy and shoots his load in the eager hole. Suddenly Andy releases the boys' cocks and squirts out a hot cum load from his pink hole. The excitement causes Andy to bust his nut all over himself while the other boys watch. The scene comes to an end with all three guys sexually relieved.


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