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Find Out What Blake And Ricky Have In Common

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As members know, the broke straight boys are flown in from all over the United States. Which means sometimes the studio gets a happy coincidence when these models' girlfriends were friends in college. Blake's flight came in first, and when Ricky Bobby saw him in the studio for the first time they were very surprised. And maybe a little weirded out!

Only one girlfriend of the two knows they are here, and Blake's girlfriend is in the dark. Off screen, they discussed that they are going to have to bite the bullet and get paid big if they fuck each other. Would $1500 a piece be worth it? Kissing, sucking and fucking all included. A game of rock-paper-scissors reinforced Ricky Bobby's insistance that he is NOT bottoming today.

Blake hasn't bottomed before, while Ricky Bobby has for the BSB studio. So now it's Blake's turn to get broken in a little bit. And by his girlfriend's friend's boyfriend! That kiss proves the guys are going to have to make the big bucks to make it worth it to them.

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